Amazon Gold Box Steal Deals: MicroSD cards and Refurbished GPUs Available at Flat Discounts

Amazon's Gold Box deal on Monday, June 24th is the greatest blessing for gamers who want a lot of deals to upgrade their computers or Nintendo Switch. Graphics cards (GPUs) and microSD cards are available at greatly discounted prices.

GPU trading

Monday GPU trades include GTX 1070 Ti and GTX 1080 Ti (refurbished). However, Nvidia graphics cards are previous generation cards as the current generation is the RTX series.

Refurbished GPUs come with a 90-day return warranty, which is no longer manufactured by Nvidia. Nevertheless, they steal the deal for a reason.

MicroSD Trading

On Monday, Amazon's Gold Box deal will sell a 200GB microSD card that's only 24GB. Amazon's MicroSD transactions are very frequent and get better over time. Every year, the price of the discounted model fell by at least $ 50.

The Xbox One's 3TB external hard drive also has a 30% flat-rate discount.

Gold box trading is only valid for 24 hours by 3 am ET on Tuesday 25 June.


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