Top 5 transfers to see this summer

For most teams and their supporters, the end of the season means that players start jets on holidays, few press conferences and no games for fans to bet on football. Instead, they are chewing last year's results and rumors are being pushed.
Some of Europe's biggest names this season have not met their goals, so you can use them. Let's look at 5 players who changed their loyalty.

Top 5 transfers to see this summer

  1. Paul Fog Bar
  2. Pogba started the season with a World Cup win against France this season, but was heavily criticized for his role in Jose Mourinho's looting at Manchester United. His manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's performance was United's most influential player, scoring assists and scoring charts, but doubts about his attitude were heightened again.
    Real Madrid seem to be interested in what seems to have something in common with France after Zinedine Zidane's terrible campaign.
    Fog bars are still disappointing talents, but still talented, and United needs talented players. Given where United is, they will send a worrying signal about their ambition to get away. It depends on Pogba's mindset.

  3. Harry McGuire
  4. We have already mentioned the terrible season of the red devil, and with the appointment of former striker Solskjaer, there was a buzzing sound about the place, but the slow summer will kill all remaining sheep according to the wave close to the campaign.
    United needs strengthening overall and is a good place to start with a solid foundation. Napoli's Kalidou Koulibaly is connected, but players like Macguire, who already know the league, will be a big step forward in the right direction. Leicester may have finished the season after Brendan Rogers arrived, but United is definitely a more attractive offer.
    Verdict-a strange thing happened

  5. Philippe Coutinho
  6. When Coutinho arrived in Barcelona for € 160 million, imagining that his new supporters had already sprinkled more stardust on the magical side, the fans who left but g did not disappear completely according to plan.
    Barca is under pressure after being humiliated by Coutinho's former club Liverpool in the Champions League. Coutinho did not become a bad player, but casualties would occur and his performance in Spain allowed him to be replaced.
    There are many teams willing to accept him. English champions Duo Chelsea and Manchester United were interested as the French champion PSG threw a hat. Can I return to Anfield with a card? Perhaps the least likely destination, but it is amazing to meet him in Barcelona at the start of the new season.
    Verdict – there is a leg. Don't be surprised to see him join Chelsea.

  7. Antoine Grizzly
  8. The Ritzman has announced he will leave Atletico Madrid this summer and Barca is reportedly satisfied with his release of € 120 million. In today's market, in Madrid each season, at least 20 La Li are stealing players who have directly participated (scoring or supporting) their goals.
    Given the long-term pursuit of Barcelona, ​​it's hard to imagine ending him elsewhere. At last they seem to have a man. I hope Griezzman won't ship like Coutinho after a season or two.
    Verdict-the sure thing

  9. Eden Hazard

Zinedine Zidane is a long-time fan of Hazard and playing in Real Madrid is a dream for the player. Therefore, Bernabeu fans will cheer for the new star man. Here's an example of how much it costs.
Hazard is one of those sitting on the floor below Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Consistency is important, but we will improve Madrid this year. The bigger question is what will Chelsea do without it?
That's right. You can reinvest the fee, but a new arrival (including Coutinho) will be a big shoe to fill. If the club prohibits player signing, it could be another incomplete season for the blues.
Verdict – as good as done


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