Liverpool or Manchester City – who will win the 2018-19 Premier League title race?

Liverpool or Manchester City – Who will win the Premier League title race?

Liverpool fans expect this to be one. The season they've been waiting for. Season to finish the 28 year old league title and win the league premier league.

Manchester City, on the other hand, had a perfect season until recently. The glory of the Champions League jumped once again, but the club can still make history. If citizens successfully defend the Premier League title, they will head for the historic highs that have already won the League Cup and advanced to the FA Cup final.

The Reds and Sky Blues have replaced each other at the table top over the past few months, and the other Big Six side has led their battle for the Champions League venue. But what is the answer to the biggest question: who will win the Premier League? Try to predict the winner on almost every UK sports betting website. There are race predictors ahead of the exciting league deadline.

If you look at how many games are left in the Premier League, there's no room for mistakes anymore. Manchester City (92) are two rounds ahead of Liverpool (91). However, if both teams lose some ground at the end of the campaign and the score goes up, the goal difference is determined. Pep Guardiola's men now dominate the division with +68 versus the Reds' +64.

Liverpool relies on tremendous results. Jürgen Klopp has been undefeated in all matches since the FA Cup advanced to Wolverhampton in January. They have won seven consecutive games in a league and kept a clean sheet in the last three matches. On the other side of the pitch – Reds fire from all cylinders. League's main goal scorers Mohamed Salah (21) and Sadio Mane (20) defeated Huddersfield 5-0 on Friday.

The rest of Liverpool's fixtures include the away game at Newcastle United and the last match against Anfield's Wolves. Both seasons have already secured Premier League status for the next season, but a trip to St. James' Park is certainly a tricky thing for the Reds. They have not defeated magpies to the north in the last four attempts since 2013 and have lost twice in the process. Also, this fixture is in the middle of two semi-final bridges with Barcelona. And Klopp can hardly afford to relax the key players in Camp Nou…

Unlike title rivals, Manchester City no longer has to worry about European elite competition. And after the end of the league campaign, the FA Cup final is scheduled, allowing you to concentrate on defending the Premiership title. Citizens are playing a grand game with 12 consecutive league victories. And they admitted only three goals along the way!

Following Tottenham's top six teams and two major victories with city rival United, the city remained a difficult road with a 1-0 victory over Burnley. Sergio Agüero put the sky blues on the ladder on the back of the net on the 20th of this season.

Manchester City is the first Leicester City to win 2-1 in a reverse game in December. And on the last day, they still travel to Brighton, fighting to avoid relegation. Don't you think the famous city wins in QPR on the day of the end of the 2011-12 season?

You can enjoy another thrilling photo finish in the fight against the Premier League title, but there is a verdict that Manchester City will win. Currently, the Guardiola side looks too experienced and stable to miss the opportunity. But it's soccer!


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