Lionel Messi makes all the difference

May 1 was an important day for Barcelona and his fans. The result is a tense at Camp Nou by 3-0. At first Luis Suarez, then Leo Messi, was the star of the game. The game went well for Liverpool, a disappointing night.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp sounded disappointing but philosophical. “Soccer is like this,” he says. “It's about goal scoring. They scored three goals but we didn't score. The performance was great and the boys were really good. I am really happy with the performance but not happy with the result. You won't get grades in this game, only difficult results.

Liverpool will host Barcelona at the Champions League's world-famous Anfield Stadium in the semi-final second leg next week. Try to predict the winner on almost every sports betting website. There is a free bet benefit for this football match on Tuesday evening.

Liverpool midfielder James Milner in an interview with BeIN SPORTS:
Now we need to make a miracle. It is very important not to rush the entire team with a starting whistle in a return game. Because then the mission will certainly be impossible. But today everyone has seen that we have a fighting spirit and a brave heart.
We will see what happens in Anfield. We will do our best. I can promise There was already a special game in our stadium.

Former Real Madrid's Fernando Redondo said, "He makes everything different." It's not really a series. I will not be tired of praising him. ”

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde said of the match at Camp Nou:
What I liked today – we knew we had to work hard in the field and we did that. The game continued to grow when Liverpool had an overwhelming edge. The way you put pressure on Messi today again shows what the club and his team members mean to him.
We really had to try to lock the door. Liverpool has a great team and are still 90 minutes ahead of Anfield.

Therefore, we will wait for the unforgettable game at Anfield on May 7, as promised by both sides.


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