How to do Yolo on Snapchat Anonymously?

Yolo Anonymous Messages

YOLO can add “Ask Anything” sticker to Snapchat Story using Snapchat for login and Bitmoji profile pictures. Swipe your friend up on iOS to open YOLO and send anonymous questions to answer via other stickers posted in the story. Teens are going crazy with it and are currently number one on the Appstore.
Want to know how to do Yolo Anonymous in Snapchat? There are two things involved

How to receive anonymous messages

  • To receive anonymous messages from Yolo using Snapchat, please follow these steps:
  • First of all, download the Yolo app for your iOS device (click here), i.e. iPhone or iPad Currently, the Yolo app is not released for Android OS.
  • Now open Yolo App on your iPhone / iPad.
  • Now click Sign in with Snapchat.
  • Click the Continue button to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The Snapchat app now opens. Click the Continue button to connect Snapchat with Yolo App.
  • Now open Yolo app and click the Receive Anonymous Message button to start receiving anonymous messages from Snapchat followers.
  • Snapchat now opens. Post a Snapchat Story.

How to reply to anonymous messages

  • First of all, open Yolo App on your iPhone / iPad.
  • Now click on the anonymous question and then enter the answer to that question.
  • Now click the reply button and you will be redirected to Snapchat.
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