Google Input  Tools क्या है? || और इसे कैसे Download करे ?

Hello do you know What is Google Input Method? (Google Input Method Hindi) How to use and how to use computer in Download If you do not know it What is Google Input Method? Google Input Method usage therefore does not matter. Today we will give you this article (Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai Hindi) I will give complete information in Hindi. I believe after reading this post completely, you don't have to ask the following questions: What is Google Input Method? So please let me know What is Google Input Method? And how to use it?

Friends Google input tool will be very useful for us, this tool is for special people. People who have no idea of ​​typing in Hindi. Or those who can't type Hindi with keyboard. In these situations, Google Input Tools makes it easy to type in any language.

This is the heart of Google Input Method. Just type in Hindi words on English keyboard. Enter Hindi words in English. Therefore, automatic change is performed. Like: you wrote "Google Input Method Kya Hai ” So this tool will automatically change this word to Hindi and in front of the screenWhat is Google Input Method? ) Appears.

You can easily type content in your preferred language using Google Input Tool. Previously, you could download this tool offline. But for now I can only download it from the Chrome extension. Then you can use Google Input Tool requires an internet connection on your computer. Only then will this tool work.

Google Input Method Editor Ki Visheshtai (Features of Google Input Method)

friend Google Input Method You must know now we know it Google Input Method of What is the function?

Google Input Tool is very useful. People who do not have knowledge of Hindi typing can easily write Hindi with their help.

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You Blogger Your Hindi Blog Then on Google Input Method You can type Hindi very easily. Because you know your case Blog wordpress Depending on WordPress there is no font or no option for entering Hindi.

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In such situations, you can type Hindi very easily using Google Input Tool. Now we know it How to download Google Input Method

Download Google Input Method Editor Kaise Karen (How to download Google Input Method Editor)

To download Google Input Tool from Chorme browser address bar Type or Download Click on it.

Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai

Google Input Tools settings Kaise Karen

Follow the settings to set up Google Input Method on your computer.

Stage 1. As soon as you do Download From the link click If you do Google Input Tools official page Will open. As you can see in this photo.

2 steps. As soon as you go to the Google Input Tools official page, you'll see a menu bar option. In Chrome on click You should.

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3 steps. As soon as you do In Chrome on click That will send you to another page. On the right side of this page Download Chrome extension on click You should.

Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai

4 steps. As soon as you do Download Chrome extension on click That will open a new page Add to Chrome of button Is shown on this button click You should. Then one is in front of you Pop-up message Will you come Add extension Must click

5 steps. Now this tool is added to your computer.

Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai

6 steps. Computer Google chrome browser Looking to the right, you can now see that you need to choose a language based on the language.

Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai

Now whenever you want to type in Hindi or other language. Therefore, you need to select that language only here. After that, what you type is easily changed to the language.

Google Input Method Editor Kya Hai

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Dear friends, you should understand how to use Google Input Tools on your computer in this article (Google Input Tools Hindi). Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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