Former PlayStation America boss says PS5 will face more competition than before

Jack tretton

The former PlayStation America boss says that despite all the powerful specs, Sony will face a lot of competition with the PlayStation 5 like never before.

Jack Tretton was perhaps one of Sony's biggest weapons. Tretton led the Sony games division in the United States for several years. He played a vital role in making PlayStation 4 one of the most prominent gaming consoles of this generation. He left Sony in 2014 and then announced his venture capital fund, Interactive Gaming Ventures, which focuses on emerging independent securities.

In an interview with Venture Beat, Tretton argues that even though Sony's next PlayStation 5 has a lot of hardware power, Sony will still face a competition it has never faced before.

During the interview, he was asked about his position on the current status of Sony. Tretton responded by saying:

I think they are very well positioned. The leader of the previous generation is always in a good position when entering the new generation. From what I've read about the specifications of PlayStation 5, it sounds impressive. Obviously, their business model worked well for them last time, and it doesn't seem like they will deviate from that, "said Tretton." They will be well positioned. But I do believe that they will face exponentially more competition than last time.

Of course, Tretton has extensive knowledge about Sony and PlayStation 5 thanks to its past history in the company. He clearly knows what he is talking about.

Mark Cerny, the main architect of PlayStation 4 has already confirmed that the new PlayStation 5 features a custom 8-core AMD CPU. The cores are a 7 nm Zen 2 microarchitecture that will offer more than 12TF of power. It will also have a custom SSD that will reduce loading times on the next generation PlayStation, allowing games to load full levels in seconds.

Despite all this processing power, Tretton argues that Sony will face immense competition when facing competitors such as the new Xbox Anaconda and Google Stadia.

"Microsoft should give them a better chance for their money, and Stadia is a new wrinkle in the market that didn't exist in 2013. Nintendo is more relevant this time." It will be a much more competitive market. There are new players, ”said Tretton.

"But they have learned some valuable lessons in this generation. It should be excellent for everyone in the business, be it a developer or a player. It will keep everyone alert."

Recently, Sony and Microsoft announced an alliance that will allow Sony to take advantage of "Microsoft Azure data center-based solutions for Sony content and games streaming services."

It will be interesting to see if Tretton is right or not in the coming months. At this time, nothing can be said about what will happen with all these emerging technologies. However, one thing is for sure, 2019 is and will be a great year for games in general.

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