Behavioral Sciences 19 International Scholarships

Are you passionate about learning human or animal behavior? Then a degree in behavioral science will be perfect for you! This article gives an overview of what behavioral science is and how it differs from social science. It also provides a list of international scholarships that can help you pursue a behavioral science degree in another country.

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Introduction to Behavioral Science

Behavioral science explores behavioral interactions between organism's cognitive processes and organisms in the natural world. This includes research into the past, controlled and natural observation of the present, systematic analysis and investigation of human and animal behavior through trained scientific experiments and modeling. It attempts to achieve legitimate and objective conclusions through rigorous formulation and observation. Examples of behavioral science include psychology, psychology, anthropology, and cognitive science. In general, behavioral science mainly deals with human behavior and often tries to generalize human behavior in relation to society.

There are two categories of behavioral sciences: neurology (information science) and society (relationship science).

Information processing science deals with the information processing of stimuli from the social environment by cognitive entities in order to be involved in the functioning of individuals and survival in the social environment or in decision-making on the organism, in social judgment and social awareness. This includes psychology, cognitive science, psychology, neural networks, social cognition, social psychology, semantic networks, ethics and social neuroscience.

On the other hand, relationship science deals with relationships, interactions, communication networks, associations and relationship strategies or dynamics between organisms or cognitive entities in social systems. This includes areas such as social and social psychology, social networks, dynamic network analysis, agent-based models, and micro-simulation.

Insights from many pure disciplines across behavioral sciences are explored by a variety of applied disciplines and practiced in the context of everyday life and business. These areas of behavioral science include organizational behavior, operational research, consumer behavior, and media psychology.

The term “behavioral science” is often confused with the term “social science”. While these two areas are related to each other and study systematic behavioral processes, the level of scientific analysis of behavior at various levels is different.

Behavioral science abstracts empirical data to investigate decision-making processes and communication strategies within and between organisms in social systems. This includes areas such as psychology, social neuroscience ethics, and cognitive science. In contrast, social science provides a perceptual framework for studying the processes of social systems through the influence of social organizations on the structural coordination of individuals and groups. They generally include areas such as sociology, economics, public health, anthropology, demography and political science.

Many subfields of this discipline go beyond the boundaries of behavioral and social sciences. For example, political psychology and behavioral economics focus primarily on the systematic and institutional elements of a wide range of political sciences and economics, but they use a behavioral approach.

Scholarships for Behavioral Science Students

For you who need financial support to pursue a degree and career in the field of behavioral science and pursue your dreams, you have come to the right page! Below is a list of behavioral science scholarships for international students who wish to study or study abroad. The scholarships below are mainly psychology scholarships and neuroscience scholarships.

  1. Anette Urso Rickel Foundation Public Policy Award Paper: US $ 1,000 Psychology Scholarship to support research on Public Psychology-related Public Policy.
  2. American Psychological Foundation Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship: $ 10,000 USD to support efforts to increase public understanding of the psychological distress and stigma experienced by adults with physical disabilities.
  3. J. McGuigan Dissertation Award: Supported $ 2,000 paper research aimed at developing a cohesive concept of brain and behavior.
  4. OMS Graduate Scholarship in Industrial Organizational Psychology: A scholarship offered by the Guelph Community Foundation to Canadian and non-Canada students studying for Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology at Guelph University in Canada. The scholarship is worth $ 1,750 for one student.
  5. Alumni Research Travel Grants: Grants offered by Guelph University alumni through Alma Mater Fund for geography, politics, psychology or sociology and anthropology graduate students at the University of Social and Applied Human Sciences Over students are offered to students who have completed a dissertation study off campus. Students are not eligible for awards beyond five semesters at the master's level and after eight semesters at the doctoral level. The above is worth $ 2,000 for one student.
  6. Bruce & M. Linda Hutchinson Graduate Admission Scholarship CSAHS: A scholarship worth $ 5,000 is available to students entering the master's program at the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences, which targets families and youth. The selection is based on the quality of academic intentions for the student's statement of research interests / postgraduate support and the validity of the proposed research presented in the one-page application letter of the proposed faculty research advisor. Priority is given to students with practical experience in their field of study. No application is required.
  7. Scholarships in the Alf and Mary Hales Family Study: $ 3,000 scholarship based on financial needs, and second after highest average. First-, second-, or third-year students at the University of Guelph are preferred.
  8. Barbara Bowen Diploma: Graduate students enrolled in all programs offered by the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at Guelph University have an award of $ 5,000 and have a financial need.
  9. Beatrice Craven Postgraduate Scholarship: One $ 1,500 award for students entering the postgraduate program at the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at Guelph University.
  10. Chicago Professional Psychology School: Scholarships from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 for the upcoming school year.
    1. Dean's Scholarship: Up to $ 5,000 (non-renewable) for freshmen demonstrating advance service contributions, academic excellence and achievement.
    2. Global Psychology Scholarship and Entrepreneurship: $ 3,000 for full-time students (subject to budget).
    3. Global Impact Scholarship: $ 1,000 (subject to change without budget and prior notice) is not eligible if freshman or international student enrolled full-time in an award-winning fall semester on-campus program.
    4. Scholarship Scholarship: Scholarship campus program for up to $ 10,000 (up to three years for full-time five-year degree programs and up to two years for full-time programs less than four years in length) for students applying to our school. The choice is based on the student's academic achievement.
    5. President's Scholarship: Students are awarded up to $ 7,000 (not renewable) based on their academic commitment and commitment to the Chicago School Mission – diversity and commitment to community service.
    6. Ricardo Grunsten Scholarship Fund: Scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrate the Chicago School's mission, vision and core values ​​as an example in academic and professional endeavors. Scholarship gifts help students pay for tuition and expenses, conduct research and attend training meetings. These scholarships are worth $ 2,500 each (non-renewable) and are only awarded to 2 active students each year.
    7. Theodore Weber Scholarship: A scholarship awarded to current students showing academic excellence, financial needs and / or professional commitments. Scholarships are awarded to only two students each year, each worth $ 1,500 (not renewable).
  11. Berlin Mind and Brain School: The Einstein Center for Neuroscience (ECN) in Berlin, Germany, provides a fellowship for a competitive four-year PhD program in neuroscience beginning in October 2019. Apply.
  12. Bangor University School of Psychology: Scholarships are offered to international and domestic students at Bangor University.
  13. King & # 39; s College London Institute of Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Neuroscience: Graduate scholarship to study at King & # 39; s College London, including the Antony Kidman Scholarship in Health Psychology, founded by actress Nicole Nicoleman.
  14. Lancaster University Scholarships: A scholarship-based scholarship to study the Master of Psychology at Lancaster University.
  15. London School of Economics and Economics (LSE) Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship: Full time MSc There are three scholarships, each with 2,000 students to study social and cultural psychology.
  16. Reading University School of Psychology: Three international excellence scholarships are offered to non-EU psychology students with academic and graduate level awards that excel in academic achievement.
  17. University of Kent Faculty of Psychology Master's Scholarship: A tuition discount scholarship of up to $ 2,000 for students who have achieved (or have achieved) excellent results in a degree in psychology.
  18. Jerry Greenspan Student Mental Health Award: There is a $ 3,000 award for US and international undergraduate and graduate students working to raise awareness of mental health issues. Selected students will also travel to New York to receive an award at JED's annual gala.
  19. Lullelia W. Harrison Scholarship in Counseling: Scholarships for American and international students enrolled full time in degree granting graduate or undergraduate programs in counseling. Full-Spring Full-time Award. The amount varies from $ 500 to $ 1,000. Certificate of registration is required.


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