27 huge arts scholarships for international students

Are you creative and imaginative? If you are, have you considered pursuing an art degree? If you have a passion for art and creativity, the degree of art may be what you want to express yourself. Art may not be a vocational subject that leads to a specific occupation, but it will definitely help you prepare for your field of work. The skills you gain while earning an art degree can be highly valued and transferred to many fields, including professional art careers as well as many common graduate roles.

Are you still interested in majoring in art? This article provides a brief overview of the advantages of art, especially art majors. You can also find arts scholarships that you can apply to support your studies in other countries.


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Benefits of an Art Degree

Art is an art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty that distinguishes it from decorative arts or applied art, and must perform practical functions such as pottery or most metalwork.

Historically, the five major arts have been painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry along with performing arts, including theater and dance. Indeed, the concept of external education generally applies only to visual arts. Like the poem's literary form, the old master prints and pictures were included in a picture-related format. To the extent considered art today, it usually adds modern forms such as film, photography, video production / editing, design and concept art.

An art degree allows you to be creative, work together, learn other creative individuals, learn cutting-edge and conceptual skills, research with active professional designers and artists, and critically and holistically define and solve problems. First-class rap and studios, exploring art history and contemporary art, interacting with renowned visiting artists and designers, securing travel opportunities for domestic and international arts, preparing for a satisfying and satisfying (cool) career, and most importantly love what you do For the rest of your life.

Future professional art careers for art graduates include, but are not limited to:

  • A good artist
  • illustrator
  • photographer
  • Animator
  • Graphic designer
  • Art manager
  • printer
  • Teacher / College Instructor

International Student Art Scholarship

If you are passionate about art and creativity and want to get a degree or study in art studies in another country, check out the following scholarships available to international students.

  1. Creativity Undergraduate Scholarship Support: A scholarship based on proof of a student's creative projects, essays and financial needs. Projects can be done with absolutely any medium (drawing, painting, animation, digital media, film, etc.). Submit an essay describing your work. Students entering college or graduate schools in the New York Tri-state area are passionate and creative students who major in all creative fields. Scholarships are worth $ 1,000 each.
  2. USI Freshman Art and Design Scholarship: A freshman scholarship from the University of South Indiana, USA, majoring in arts or arts education. Numerous USI Freshman Art Scholarships range from $ 500- $ 2,000, and will automatically renew every three years if the recipient remains an art or arts education major, remains full-time enrolled and is in good standing. All USI scholarships apply to student tuition.
  3. Visual Arts Scholarship at Concordia College: Four years of awards for first grade and transfer students. The scholarship amount is $ 2,000- $ 6,000 per year. Scholarships for 1st grade students are guaranteed through 2nd grade and are renewable for juniors and seniors if they maintain a 3.0 grade average and are recommended by staff.
  4. Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarship: $ 5 $ 1,000 Scholarship; Comes with a gift package from Krylon Artist Sprays and Adhesives. In addition, each winner's school's art program comes with a $ 500 grant and a large gift package of Krylon Artist sprays and adhesives.
  5. UNSW Art & Design Scholarship: A variety of art scholarships for students of all levels enrolled at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I am an international student.
  6. RMIT University Art, Fashion, and Textile Scholarships: A variety of scholarships for students currently enrolled in art, fashion, or textile degrees from RMIT University in Australia.
    • International Tuition Scholarships: Two international tuition scholarships: RTPOS (RTP International Fee Offset Scholarship) and RRITFS (RMIT Research International Tuition Fee Scholarship). RIFOS and RRITFS scholarships offer tuition for three months and can be extended for six months.
    • Computational Design PhD Scholarship (Architecture): A PhD scholarship that allows candidates to conduct research on creation design and fabrication of complex shapes with an emphasis on computational design as part of the RMIT Boeing Research Alliance. RMIT University's Architecture and Design School supports $ 30,000 annually for a three-year, six-month extension: up to $ 40,000 annually. Each year, $ 10,000 receives a scholarship from Boeing. If the selected candidate is an international student, the School of Architecture and Design will provide full tuition waiver and Overseas Helath Cover (OSHC) during the application period.
  7. Courtauld Graduate Scholarship: A graduate art scholarship to study for a MA, PhD or Conservation program at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, UK.
  8. DAAD Art, Design / Visual Communication, and Film Scholarships: DAAD-supported art and design scholarships are open to international students with a first year in related fields. Scholarship winners will receive funds to study in Germany with a master's degree or postgraduate program.
  9. ECA Taught Master & # 39; s Scholarships at the University of Edinburgh: Postgraduate scholarships for art students conferring a master's degree in architecture, art, design, history or art or music schools at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  10. Middlesex University London Arts and Creative Industries Scholarships: There are four scholarships to study for a master's degree at Middlesex University, which accounts for up to half of the tuition fees. It is open to UK / EU students and international students who are university alumni.
  11. Norwich University of Arts Scholarships: A variety of art and design scholarships to study at Norwich University in the UK.
  12. Royal College of Art Awards: Various art scholarships from RCA and partner funding agencies.
  13. Swiss Government Excellent Scholarship for Foreign Scholars and Artists: Postgraduate scholarship for art students, professionals and researchers who can study at the doctoral / postdoctoral level in Switzerland at an accredited institution.
  14. Westminster University Media, Art and Design Scholarship School: A single scholarship offered to international students in developing countries who propose to earn a full-time master's degree within the Faculty of Media, Art and Design at Westminster University. We offer full tuition, accommodation, living and return flights to and from London.
  15. Lamar Dodd School of Art Scholarship at the University of Georgia: A variety of art school scholarships to study art at the University of Georgia. Open to American and international students.
  16. University of Oregon Design College: A variety of art scholarships that allow both undergraduate and graduate students to study art, painting, sculpture and other related programs at the University of Oregon.
  17. World Studio AIGA Scholarship: A scholarship for art students from ethnic and marginalized classes to study at a US accredited institution in the fields of art, illustration, graphic design and motion graphics.
  18. BestReviews Design Scholarships: Students who enroll in an accredited school program receive a US $ 2,000 Design Scholarship twice a year. To get in, you need to write a 500 word essay on product design. Open to international and US students.
  19. Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation: Graphic Communication and Graphic Design Scholarships for students enrolled in a two- or four-year program at an accredited US institution.
  20. Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award: A fashion design scholarship based solely on the benefits offered by the CFDA. Open to students enrolled in design schools and accredited universities throughout the United States.
  21. VCU Graphic Design Scholarships: A variety of graphic design scholarships are offered to enrolled students at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  22. Istituto Marangoni Scholarship: A fashion and design scholarship offered by Istituto Marangoni, an Italian fashion school with campuses throughout Europe.
  23. NABA, Milano International Arts and Design Academy: A scholarship to study Bachelor of Design programs in English or Italian at NABA. Scholarships cover 40% of tuition fees.
  24. UAL Graduate Scholarships: A variety of graduate scholarships offered by the University of London (UAL) for students pursuing art and design programs at one of six universities.
  25. Early Music Seminar – Westron Wynde – Taverner, Tye e Sheppard: A scholarship for young, small and singing vocal ensembles. Scholarships include registration fees, breakfast and lunch boards, International Learning Center Vittore Branca dormitory, and economy class travel (up to 700 EUR for intercontinental flights).
  26. Benno Geiger Scholarship for Literature Archive Research: On August 30, 2019, a three-month resident scholarship (non-expandable) is offered to Italian and foreign graduates, graduate and postdoctoral researchers who should not exceed 40 years of age. A total of 3,100 euros as a contribution to the general expenses, travel and boarding, paid only as a monthly installment payment at the end of each month's stay by bank transfer alone; Stay free for 3 months at Vittore Branca Center Residence on San Giorgio Maggiore Island and get free access to Vittore Branca Center facilities.
  27. National Museum Museum Program: Open to candidates of all nationalities and people with diverse expertise. May include art history, curators, preservers, historians, and scientists. Candidates must have proven research skills, academic credentials, and excellent English language proficiency. Second language skills (ideally Dutch or German) are desirable but not required. Fellowships are awarded for a period of 3-12 months.


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