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femaleIt is impossible or incredibly expensive for most of the amazing trips. Most of these 10 routes can be completed in one day or overnight, but ideally they will spread over the weekend with the opportunity to hike up the mountain, follow the lake or build a sand castle. All routes use only public transport or scheduled services on heritage railways.

The stated times are from Saturday and Sunday to summer unless otherwise noted. Ticket prices (as of May 14, 2019) are regular adult singles except where noted

Break for border
Mid wales

Start / end Shrewsbury Station
minimum One day
Potential stopover Shrewsbury, Maxines, Abbey Dobby, Barmouth and Bala
Weekend Friday night for Shrewsbury, Saturday Aberdovey or the sandy beach of Barmouth
cost £ 25.70 (except rail extras)

This stunning odyssey through the deepest Wales offers many possibilities and alternatives. Take the correct part of the train to Barmouth from Shrewsbury (split at Dovey Junction).

The line becomes more and more beautiful. Machynlleth worked with a cafe and the Center for Alternative Technology to build a nice stop. From there, this line follows the wonderful Dyfi estuary, heading north past Aberdovey (available overnight, with a nice beach).

Those who love the railway will take 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tywyn, the world's oldest heritage railway, to the panoramic views of Cadair Idris.

There is a second cool alternative just before the Mawddach estuary. Get off at Fairbourne and take the other steam locomotive Fairbourne Railway to take a small ferry across Barmouth. Shelly, Ward Worth, Darwin and Gladstone all traveled this way.

There is also a sidewalk on the nearby railway bridge. Once in Barmouth, take a T3 bus to Bala via Dolgellau, another nice stop (good overnight). Back from Bala Lake Railway to Bala, you can go back from T3 to Ruabon.

Corwen, for example, raised the banner of the rebellion in 1400. The church is worth a scout round.

You can take the train to Shrewsbury from Rubon, but there is the Pontsyyllte waterway, where the Llangollen canal crosses the Dee River. Jones the Boats travels across canal boats (5 pounds a day, 4 pounds one way), but just across the tug.

Top tips In Abbey Dobby, you buy a line on the waterfront so that children can fish off the pier or walk over the golf course to the beach. Two miles before Ruabon from Trevor, take the T3 bus, walk south on the Pontcysyllte aqueduct and walk south to join the Chirk train station again.
Do it in a day Take the 07:27 train from Shrewsbury to Barmouth (change at Machineynlleth, arrival: 09:59, £ 11.50).
Get off at Tywin at 09:20 by Talyllyn Railway and take the 10:30 train to 13:25 at 13:25 (£ 17.70) and arrive at Barmouth at 13:25, arrive at 13:55. 14:29 Take the T3 bus.
2 10:40 Take the Fairbourne Railway train to Fairbourne at 09:47, then the Barmouth ferry to Barmouth across Dyfi estaury arrives at about 11:30 and take the 12:50 bus T3 (£ 6 train, £ 2 ferry) Ride. 10: 50 buses T3 from Jubilee Road in Barmouth to Ruabon Train Station (13:10, £ 6.70).
three Get off at Llanuwchllyn (11:45). Bala Lake Railway 12:45 Take the steam locomotive to Bala (arr 13:10, £ 7.50), 13:55 T3 bus to Ruabon station, Shrewsbury.
4 Get off at Corwen and visit the waiting 13th century St Mael and St Sulien churches (free, 1 hour).
5 Get off at Trevor to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Cross the aqueduct and walk to Chirk station to connect with Shrewsbury (walk free, 3 hours allowed). 22:58 is the last train to Shrewsbury (£ 8: 60). Not all alternatives can be done in one day, but it will be possible on weekends.

Giant coast
Joint and Trim, Joint Pick Up

Mussenden Temple above Causeway Coast Route.

Mussenden Temple above Causeway Coast Route. Photo: Matthew Woodhouse

start Belfast
minimum Two nights on the weekend
Potential stopover Bali Castle or Raslin Island
cost £ 45 (iLinkcard + Rathlin Ferry £ 12 for 2 days at £ 16.50 per day)

This classic route includes some of Northern Ireland's greatest landscapes. After taking an early bus from Belfast to Deerry, transfer to the railroad for the best coastal trip on the railroad than Michael Portillo.

This line crosses nice beaches and cliffs. – Jump off Castlerock and walk for miles of sand at Benone Beach. When Colerush transfers to the Portrush service, the bus moves east, with a variety of promenades via the "World's Oldest Whiskey Distillery" (9 pound tour) and Giant's Causeway (Giant & # 39; s Causeway). A few miles further, Ballintoy has a great stop where you can walk along the coast to the fantastic Carrick-a-Rede rope suspension bridge. In 1775, a salmon fisherman was first built to connect a small island. Game of Thrones used many places around here. For example, Ballintoy Harbor was Pyke of Iron Islands.

Along the waterfront you can reach Bali Castle, an overnight stay full of restaurants and pubs, and take a ferry to Rathlin Island, one of the best bird watching areas in Europe. You can also return to Ballycastle the next morning to stay on the island. If you're going to return to Belfast on Sunday, the only way is to return your steps back to the cholane. But one day, continue along the coast through the village of Glenarm until Lane. Take the train back to Belfast.

Top tips Sunday worship is thin, so visit Laslin Island that day. Purchase a daily iLink card from Belfast's Europa bus center or online.
Long weekend please From 06:45 take bus 212 (08:35, £ 13) from Belfast to Derry and take the 09:38 train to the free bus to Collein (10:16, £ 10). Take the 10:45 train to Portrush (10:57, £ 2.60), then take bus 172 or 402 to Ballycastle (11:20) (12:29). Stay at Bali Castle. On Sundays, return via Coleraine or spend the day before catching the 162 bus along the coast to Glenne via Glenarm at 10:55 on Monday. In Glenarm, we recommend getting off the bus to explore this beautiful village. Return to Larne at 162 at 14:56. Arrive at 15:21 and connect the 15:55 train from Larne Harbor to Belfast (Gr. Victoria Street Station 17:05).
Alternatives Hop-off from May to September, Hop-off 252 Causeway Rambler (£ 8 one-day rover ticket) is a great way to see the Giant Causeway coast, including Carrick-A-Reed (£ 9 adult, £ 4.50 for children). Before arriving at Bali Castle, take the 13:00 ferry and arrive at 17:30 by Rathlin Island (25 min, 12 pound round trip) (after July and August at 19:30 there is a car).

Purple patches
North York Moors Circuit

Steam locomotive on the North Yorkshire Badlands Railway travels through Newtondale.CF5391 Steam locomotive on the North Yorkshire Badlands Railway travels through Newtondale.

North Yorks Moors Railway in Newtondale. Loop Images / Alamy

Start / end York station
minimum One day
Potential stopover York, Pickering, Grossmont and Whitby all stop overnight.
Weekend Friday night in York. Whitby's Saturday
cost £ 30 or £ 47.80 by North York Moors Steam Railway

Starting with a Coastliner bus outside York Station, this classic circuit has plenty of public transportation. Pickering is available for selection. The North York Moors Railway is a must if your dad's army, heartbeat or Harry Potter fans board, but you'll have to stay on the Coastliner bus, especially if you want to spend more time at Whitby. According to legend, this route passes through Hor Quhol, pierced by Saxon Giant Wade. Watch out for curlews, marlin and lapwings. From the train you can stop in Grosmont, a beautiful town where the castle was destroyed. There is a pub and a B & B for an overnight stay and the walk is also good. This is the intersection of national rail service, so you can actually skip Whitby and head east, but why?

Walk through the magnificent harbor walls and pier at Whitby, cross the swing bridge and walk to the monastery. Here, Count Dracula was transformed into a Hellhound, away from the rubble of Russian cargo ships by Bram Stoker. While he was sitting on a park bench in West Cliff, he visualized the epic scene of horror. Leave Whitby on the Middlesbrough train and pass through Grosmont, then continue the spectacular wilderness landscape with many secluded villages.

In Middlesbrough, the UK's most unusual public transport, the Transporter Bridge, which is a 10-minute walk away, is highly recommended. Then take the train back to York.

Top tips From mid-July to August, wasteland headers spread widely. Check out Whitby's steampunk and goth festivals. You can enjoy a wonderful view from Pickering to Middlesbrough.
Do it in a day 08:32 Take the Coastliner 840 bus to Whitby outside York Station (10:40, £ 12).
Alternatives Get off the bus at Pickering (9:38). 11:00 Arrive at Grothmont, 12:05 by North Yorkshire Moore Railway: Steam service but if you don't like the diesel-powered train, you can leave at 10:00. Wander around this lovely village or stop for the night and take the train to Whitby at 13:05 (arr 13:45, £ 19.80). Take the Esk Valley train at 16:00 and back to York at Middlesbrough, 17:32 arr, 17:57 (18:50, £ 18 for Whitby-York).

Whiskey gala
Southern hebrides

Caol Ila Whiskey Distillery of Islay of Islay. The stillman of the Caol Ila Scotch Whiskey Distillery pauses at dawn to gain visibility. Steel is a traditional shape. The high windows of the steel room overlook the Isle of Sound with Jura and Jura's dad in the background.

Caol Ila Whiskey Distillery of Islay Island. Photo: Murdo Macleod / The Guardian

start Glasgow
minimum 2 nights
Potential stopover Port Ellen, Bowmore
cost £ 57.60

It's embarrassing to use public transport, but not getting much freedom is the best distillery tour by bus and boat. The day starts early at the Buchanan bus stop in Glasgow. Take a nice Citylink 926 for Kinbelre's Campbeltown in Kintyre's Mull. An excellent route through Loch Lomond and Inverary to the impressive Georgian waterfront. Get off at Kennacraig and take the CalMac ferry to Islay. On Saturday we go to Port Askaig on the northeast coast of the island.

Within walking distance of the harbour, there are two breweries, Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain, which offer a wonderful view and two tours to Jura's Pura across the sound of sound. This coast also offers a great walk to discover beautiful trails and sea otters. There will be one distillery visit time before the last bus across the island (except if you are sailing 14 times a day from Port Askaig, £ 3.70 round trip, without scouting to Jura).

There is no bus on Sunday, so weekend planning is very important. If you don't want to rely on a taxi, you can take a bike rental from Port Ellen, a gentle 10-mile street by Bowmore. Bruichladdich and Kilchoman have distillery and other distillery. In fact, Port Ellen is a paradise for whiskey enthusiasts and can easily keep a day without traveling, except for the shank pony. Three large malt distillers with Old Kiln Café, where Lagavulin, Laphroaig and Ardbeg are recommended, walk along the coast.

West of Port Ellen, the Oa Peninsula is home to the resident Golden Eagle. The return journey from Port Ellen back to Kennacraig, then crosses Kintyre for the Aran ferry. Fortunately, I hope the Lochranza Distillery will have time to take the last ferry back to Glasgow.

Top tips Accept that Islay's Sunday is for walking. Note the Islay Festival of Music and Malt, held in the last week of May.
Over three days
Day 1 (Saturday) 06:25 Take Citylink bus 926 from Glasgow to Kennacraig (09:30, £ 19.20 round trip if returning from a single or Islay £ 9) 09:45 CalMac ferry and Port Askaig (11:50, £ 13.80). return). Tour by foot to Caol Ila or Bunnahabhain Distillery (£ 6 and £ 5 respectively). At 15:20 take the 451 bus to Port Ellen (arr 16:09, £ 4).
2nd day (Sunday) Walk around the brewery, walk to Oa and cycle to Bowmore (£ 21 bike, £ 70 per week).
3rd day (Monday) 09:45 Take the CalMac ferry to Kennacraig (11:55), this bus connects with 448 West Coast Motors buses and Claonaig and departs at 12:10 (12:24:24, £ 1.40) It is. 12:35 CalMac ferries to Lochranza on Arran Island (13:05, £ 3). Then at 15:30 (West 16:08, £ 4), take the West 324 bus to the Brodick Ferry Terminal, and from Arnrossan (West 16:36, £ 4) on the 16:10 CalMac ferry that connects with 16:36. Train to Glasgow Central (17:22 lb, £ 8.20)

Narrow gauge heaven

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Snowdon mountain railway. Photo: Stephen Lewis ARPS / Alamy

Start / end Llandudno Junction (Chester / Crewe)
minimum Snowdon Summit Day / Weekend
Potential stopover The best way is to get to Betws-y-Coed (from Llandudno) the first night and then to Port Meirion or Caernarvon. The Landmark Trust has a villa with its own station on the Ffestiniog line.
Weekend Friday at Betws, Saturday at Caernarvon, Sunday Snowdon
cost £ 66.25 (Snowdon Railway £ 30 round trip, steam locomotive £ 39)

The circuit features the most sustainable and magnificent steam rail experience in the UK and a bronze medal-winning bus route to find the most scenic route in the UK in a recent bus user survey. At its center is the highest peak of Wales and can be reached by train.

The entry point for the national rail service is Llandudno Junction, where you take a clockwise train to Blaenau Ffestiniog. If you don't try the intuitive zipwire experience available here, cross the adjacent Ffestiniog line and get the next service with Porthmadog. This old slate quarry narrow gauge line is one of Britain's most beautiful rail journeys, crossing the narrow sea wall at the end of Porthmadog.

Overnight at the nearby Port Meirion is not cheap but special (get off at Minfford and walk on foot). Rejoin the circuit of Porthmadog Station and enjoy a second steam experience to the Wales Highland Line and Caernarvon via the amazing Aberglaslyn Pass.

Caernarvon Castle is a must, and Snowdon or the award-winning Caernarfon-to-Bangor bus service is also a great choice. It is rare to reach the summit of the highest mountain in the country by public transport, so take bus 85 or 86 to Llanberis and take the rack railway to the top (advance reservation). Of course, it is possible to walk up or down. Either way, take the Bangor bus from Llanberis to the train to Llandudno Junction.

Top tips Take the Wales Plateau Railway at the foot of Snowdon & # 39; s Rhyd Ddu Road, go to Rhyd Ddu Station, hike to the top, then return via the Ranger route and take the train at the Ranger request stop (there are also YHA hostels). Mountain bikes are available for many services at Ffestiniog and WHR. Check the Sherpa bus route map.
Per day Take the 10:23 Llandudno Jn to Blaenau Ffestiniog (arr 11:33, £ 9.20) train or 07:25 to test the zipwires or take the time to see Blaenau's slate mine. 11:35 Take the Ffestiniog steam locomotive to Porthmadog (arr 12:45, £ 17.15). 14:15 Take the Welsh Highland route to Caernarvon (16:30, £ 27.80).
Alternatives (Impossible in a day). Sherpa Bus or Llanberis Summit Railway from 88 (3 hours and advance booking available). 85 buses to Bang (Sunday bus 17:30). At 17:00 take the 5c bus to Bangor (17:32, £ 4.50) and then take the 18:10 train to Llandudno Junction (18:31, £ 7.60).

Estuary England
Sex on

South End Pier

South End Pier. Photos: Tony Watson / Alamy

Start / end Gallions Reach London's DLR Routes / London
minimum One day (Tilbury ferry does not operate on Sundays)
Potential stopover Grave Zend is an interesting city, but Mr. Rayon is probably the best stopover.
cost £ 40.35

Muddy flats. Blinker concrete flat road. That's right. There are many unloved landscapes below the River Thames, but this road is full of amazing history and fun. Walk from the Gallions Reach DLR to the Woolwich ferry via the Thames route (25 minutes) and you will see a flight to London City Airport. The ferry has a boat ride (free) or a walk through the Edwardian Foot Tunnel (less famous but very similar to Greenwich).

On the way from the south bank to the station, explore the newly refurbished Woolwich Arsenal building, then take the Rainham train. At Dartford Station, you may want to take a moment to pay homage to the blue plaque on Platform 2, which marks the spot where Mick Jagger met Keith Richards in 1961… The platform number has changed over the years and the actual platform 2 is now 3 times.

Continue on the railroad to Gravesend, walk along the historic town, cross the river (jumping out of the Pocohontas tomb of St. George's Church) and take a passenger ferry to Tilbury. The main ferry terminal is where MV Windrush landed with Caribbean immigrants on June 22, 1948. The arrival of the ship this year will be celebrated as part of Tilbury Carnival (July 20). Local events.

Next door has more history in Tilbury Fort. Elizabeth I told her "There is a king's heart and stomach" Armada speech. The determined history hunter will try to dump the Blitz rubbish down the river. There's a fort where Captain Kidd's body lives. If you take a bus from Tilbury Fort or take a bus to the east, head to the beautiful seaside town of Leigh-on-Sea with a nice tavern, then to the Southend bus to take a small train or walk for miles to the sea. The longest cruise ship in the world.

There is a weekend boat trip at the pier and barge race on the River Thames on June 22. In Southend, the train back to London is short.

Top tips A good side addition is heading east from Tilbury to Purfleet, close to Rainsp Marshes at TSP. At the South End, check out the new Saxon Treasure Gallery in the Central Museum.
Per day 09:00 Take the Woolwich ferry to the south of the river (06:20., 11:30 every 10-15 minutes every Sunday). 10:31 train from Woolwich Arsenal to Gravesend (£ 11.26, £ 8.30, including weekend Crayford changes); 12:30 Tilbury Ferry (Mon-Sat, £ 4, Boarding Pass every 30 minutes); 13:10 Charge bus 99 to Tilbury Town Train Station (1 lb). 13:33 train to Leigh-on-Sea (arr 13:59, £ 6.10); 15:30 Train from Leigh to Southend Central (15:37, £ 3) Walk Western Esplanade from Leigh (70 minutes, 3½ miles). 16:00 train (£ 5.35 round trip) along the pier; £ 2 on foot. The pier is open every day in the summer at 08: 15-20: 00 (or a newly discovered Saxon store room opened at the Southend Museum returns to London Fenchurch Street (12.60 lbs) by 18:01 train).

Coast and castle

Night burr castle

Night Burg Castle. Photo: James Hodgson / Alamy

start: Anmouth / Berwick
minimum Depending on the algae, it can end in a day.
Potential stopover Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, Seahouses, Craster, Alnwick and Alnmouth are all stops
cost £ 11.20 excluding East Coast mainline tickets

Many travelers will be able to get a glimpse of this route as they recharge along the East Coast Mainline between London and Edinburgh. With a nice view of the sea and a short view of the cliff, there's no better decision, “I have to leave the day to explore”. made. The beaches of Northumberland are great, the castle is great and the bus service is thoroughly practical. From Berwick-on-Tweed, take the East Coast main line and take the Borders 477 bus to Lindisfarne.

This is one of the few services that can be claimed to be dominated by assistants, so this trip should be carefully calculated based on the date you choose. When you arrive at the island, one of the great religious sites of medieval Europe, you need time to see the Sion, the castle and the museum. Leave time to re-route the causeway before the tide comes in.

Returning to the mainland, take the X15 bus to Belford, then change 418 to Bamburgh, which will take several hours to explore the castle (£ 11.25 adult, £ 5.50 child), beach and sand dunes . In fact, this is a big waypoint. Below the bus line are Seahouses, where boat trips take you to the Farne Islands (£ 20).

X18 further south walk from Craster along the wild coast to Dunstanburgh Castle (£ 5.70 for adults, £ 3.40 for children). Be careful not to miss the last bus for the East Coast Main Line connection. Those who do real fortifications will want to take the Warkworth, then Allnwick, bus on the bus. Alnmouth is nestled on the sandy headland between Aln and the North Sea and is a beautiful city worth a stroll.

Top tips Purchase a Discover North Northumberland bus ticket for 418, X15 and X18 buses for £ 6.70 per day (does not include Holy Island at 477).
Per day You can arrive in Berwick from Edinburgh or Newcastle the same morning, but in London you have to arrive Friday night. have 09:05 477 times from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Lindisfarne (09:40, £ 4.50). Woody & # 39; s Taxi also offers a bus service. Walk the island before the tide for Beal for the bus stop. Take 11:23 X15 to Belford Market Cross (11:33, discovery ticket), 11:38 to 418 Bamburgh (11:50). Take the number X18 at 14:48 to Craster (para 15:26). Craster's last X18 departs Saturday and Sunday at 19:36 and arrives at Alnmouth station ay 20:23.

Full steam
Lake District

Ullswater Steamer, Lake Lady, in Glenridding, Patterdale on a perfectly still summer morning.

Lady of the Lake in Ullswater Steamer, Patterdale, Glenridding. Photo: Dave Willis / Alamy

Start / end Penrith / Lancaster
minimum One day
Potential stopover Penrith, Pooley Bridge, Glenridding (Helvellyn climbing) or Windermere for a lakeboat tour
Weekend If you arrive at Penrith before Friday night at 17:35, you can go up to Pooley Bridge at night and then to Glenridding or Windermere on Saturday.
cost £ 52.30

This classic route offers the best Lakeland scenery, especially when combined with a few side trails. Most travelers come through Penthth. From here the stagecoach bus leads to Pooley Bridge, a pleasant little town at the eastern end of Ulswater.

From there, take a steamboat to the lake and depart from Glen Reading on one of the world's best lake cruises. Sharp walkers can get off early in Howtown to hike around the coast or at High Dodd and Place Fell (my favorite place). 7 miles. Watch out for red squirrels.

Glenridding is a base camp for climbing Helvellyn. Go down to Thirlmere from the top and pick up the 555 bus to Ambleside or return to Glenridding and back to 508. The bus line passes Kirkstone Pass and goes down to Bowness-on-Windermere.

This will allow you to choose conveniently all night long. Then walk to the steamer pier and buy just one to Lakeside Pier at the southern end of the lake (single tickets are only available on the day at the ticket office: buy a cruise online if you want a guaranteed seat).

After the superb view of the lake, go to the train station and take the lakeside and Haverthwaite steam service (last connection is 16:00 times from Bowness) to Haverthwaite. From there, the X6 bus joins Ulverston and the last remedy, and the Furness line re-enters Carnforth's north and south main lines via Grange-over-Sands. When romance calls, you can recreate the scene in Brief Encounter. Or take trains to Lancaster and London).

Top tips Leave the route from Glenridding, pass Striding Edge and Helvelyn (OS Map OL5), take Thirlmere and take bus 555 to Ambleside or Bowness-on-Windermere.
Per day 09:20 Stagecoach bus 508 (£ 4.30) from Penrith to Pooley Bridge arr 09:50.
Alternatives Take the time to Penrith to leave for the last Friday bus to Pooley Bridge at 17:35. 10:55 Take the Ullswater steamboat to Glenridding (arr 11:55, £ 14.50). For a hike to Glenridding, get off at Howtown (10:10) and climb Helvellyn from Glenridding (about 5 hours). Or take the 12:11 bus from Glenridding to Bowness-on-Windermere Pier without going up Helvellyn (route 508, arr 12:59, £ 7). 13:50 Take a steamboat to Lakeside Pier (14:30, £ 9.30). At 14:40 take the steam locomotive to Haverthwaite (14:58, £ 4.40). Take the 15:47 X6 bus to Wool Bus Turn (15:59, £ 3), take the train to Lancaster at 16:08 (arr 16:42, £ 9.80).

Jurassic Adventure

Durdle Door, Lulwoth, Dorset, United Kingdom

Duddle door. Photo: Alamy

Start / end Bournemouth Station
minimum One day
Potential stopover Bournemouth, Swanage near Lulworth Cove
Weekend Stay on Suwanee and enjoy Studdland Peninsula beaches and walks
cost £ 42.90

This is a large ring along the Jurassic Coast. From Bournemouth station, take the Breezer 50 bus per hour towards Swanage, cross the chaine's Poole harbor entrance to Studland (Studland) for miles of sandy beaches, cliffs and heathland. This day is the best bus route, one of the best weather in the UK, often driven by open top vehicles.

It takes a walk to reach Old Harry Rocks, but it's worth it. Swanage는 훌륭한 해변과 새로 복원 된 빅토리아 부두가있는 아름다운 작은 마을입니다. 그곳에서 스와니 지 (Swanage) 증기 철도를 타고 영국에서 가장 아름다운 유적지 중 하나이자 왕실 암살을 포함한 많은 역사적인 순간이있는 곳인 코페 캐슬 (Cofe Castle)까지갑니다. 준비 안 됨). 여기에서 40 버스를 Wareham 역 또는 토요일 전용 열차로 타고 X54 버스를 타고 영국 최초의 세계 문화 유산 인 Lulworth Cove로갑니다.

여기서 가장 좋은 아이디어는 더들 버스로 다시 합류하여 더들 도어로 해안 경로를 걷는 것입니다. Durdle Door 또는 Lulworth에서 X54는 바쁜 항구가있는 또 하나의 멋진 해변 마을 인 Weymouth로 계속 이어집니다. 마지막 다리는 501의 Portland Bill 등대에 도착합니다. 시간이 더 있다면 서쪽으로 계속 가십시오 : 라임 레지스를 위해 X53을 타십시오. 또는 Chesil Beach를 따라 걷기 시작했습니다. 시간이 다되면 본머스 (런던 워털루로가는 직행)로 향하는 직행 열차가 있습니다.
최고 팁 버스를 Lulworth에두고 Lulworth Cove에서 Durdle Door까지 해안을 걷은 후 차편에 버스를 다시 합류하거나 Weymouth를 건너 뛰고 Poole / Bournemouth로 돌아갑니다.

하루에하세요 Swanage 행 Breezer 50 버스 (첫 번째 08:02, 싱글 £ 6.80) Sandbanks의 아름다운 페리 타기 (Poole의 보트도 Swanage 부두로 직접 연결됨)
Studland와 Old Harry 바위를 탐험하기 위해 내리십시오.
2 10:00 Swanage 증기 철도를 타고 Corfe Castle으로 이동합니다 (arr 10:20, £ 8). Wareham 행 12:10 40 버스 또는 철도 (12:37, £ 4.20). Wareham 역에서 Lulworth Cove and Weymouth까지 14:01 X54 버스 (14:17, £ 5.50), 14:25 501 Portland Bill까지 버스 : 15:17, £ 4.50 반환, 마지막 버스는 Weymouth 17:23 . 본머스 행 19:03 열차 (19:54 또는 워털루 21:49, £ 15.70).
three Lulworth에서 하차하여 Durdle Door까지 해안 경로를 따라 가면 X54 버스의 추후 운행 노선에 다시 합류합니다.

아일랜드 매직
서부 섬

McCaig의 탑을 배경으로 한 오반 시티 뷰.

McCaig의 탑을 배경으로 한 오반 시티 뷰. 사진 : Mariusz Kluzniak / Getty Images

스타트 글래스고
최저한의 길고 웅장한 3 일간의 주말
잠재적 인 중간 기착 많은 기회 : 글래스고가 필요할 것입니다. Castlebay는 분명하지만 Uig, Tarbert, Berneray, Eriskay 또는 Oban도 필요합니다.
비용 £ 106.10

Clydeside에서 출발하는 7 시간의 버스 마라톤은 놀라운 풍경과 장소로 가득합니다. 창문 너머로 미끄러 져 가다 : Loch Lomond, Glencoe, Fort William 그리고 바다 위의 Skye (물론 Lochalsh 다리의 Kyle)로가는 길은 마침내 Uig 부두에서 끝납니다. North Uist의 Lochmaddy 또는 Harris의 Tarbert로 향하고 서부 제도의 전체 군도를 북쪽에서 남쪽으로 할 수있는 가능성을여십시오. 교차로에서 고래와 독수리를 조심하고 Tarbert (해리스 증류소)에 도착하면 조심하십시오.

시간이 있으면 칼라일 리쉬 스탠딩 스톤을 포함하여 많은 기분 전환이 있습니다. 그렇지 않으면 남쪽으로 향하여 섬을 바라 (Barra) 보석으로 옮깁니다. 이곳에서 거주하는 외부 섬의 가장 남쪽에있는 베터 세이 (Vatersay)로 내려가거나 베이의 상징적 인 키시 물 성을 방문 할 수 있습니다. 섬을 여행하는 경우 수요일 페리를 타고 바라를 떠나는이 여행 시간을 정하십시오. 방문 횟수가 적은 콜과 타이어를 통해 본토로 향합니다. 오반으로 돌아와 신고전주의 빅토리아 어리 석음 인 맥 카이 그 타워까지 걸어가거나 증류소를 방문 할 수 있습니다. 최후의 대접은 고원을 가로 질러 글래스고로 돌아가는 장엄한 철도 여행입니다.

최고 팁 수요일에 바라에 도착하면 콜과 타이어를 통해 오반으로 돌아올 수 있습니다.
이틀 밤에 해
1 일째 06:50 글래스고에서 우이 그까지의 스코틀랜드 시티 링크 (13:50 : £ 45.60), 14:10 칼맥 페리는 타르 버트 (15:50, £ 6.50), 15:55 버스 W10은 타 버트 부두에서 레버 버그 부두 (16 번 버스) : 35, £ 3.20), 18:30 CalMac은 Berneray (19:30, £ 3.70)까지갑니다. Berneray Hostel (기숙사 침대 £ 16)까지 걸어갑니다.
2 일째 09:45 W16 버스 Eriskay (12:28. £ 6.80), 13:00 CalMac 페리는 Barra 섬의 Ardmhor 행 페리 (13:40 : £ 3.15), 13:40 버스 W32는 섬을 가로 질러 캐슬 베이 (15:10, £ 1.80 – 일요일에는 운행하지 않지만 2 시간 30 분이면 걸을 수 있음), 숙박 장소, 여관, 호스텔 또는 호텔 선택.
3 일째 07:55 CalMac ferry to Oban (arr 12:40: £15.15), 16:11 train to Glasgow Queen Street (arr 19:18: £20.20).

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This article was amended on 20 May 2019. An earlier version described the Pontcysyllte aqueduct as a Victorian engineering feat. It was constructed from 1795 to 1808, making it Georgian, not Victorian. This has been corrected.

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The article includes an affiliate link, which allows readers to click and buy for a small fee. All our journalism is independent and unaffected by any advertisers or commercial initiatives. By clicking on the affiliate link, you agree to the setting of third-party cookies. Additional Information.



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