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Iceland may be small and its population may be small, but the land and sea are incredibly large. This Nordic island country continues to be number one in the list of the best destinations in places like National Geographic's Traveler Magazine and Lonely Planet. Iceland has an internationally renowned higher education system. With a variety of learning topics ideal for geography, geology and biology, Iceland can be a great place for students who want to study abroad.

Iceland Scholarship

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  1. Iceland Agricultural University

Iceland's Agricultural University is an educational and research institution focused on agricultural and environmental sciences, which was founded in 2005.The university's facilities are primarily located in Hvanneyri, near Borgarnes, Iceland, but also operate institutes in Reykjavik, Arenesla, Eyjafjarðarsýsla. Doing. Iceland Agricultural University is comprised of the Department of Environmental Sciences, the Department of Terrestrial Animal Resources, and the Department of Vocational and Continuing Education.

Iceland Agricultural University supports student and teacher exchange through international representatives. The Iceland International Council of Agriculture is committed to strengthening cooperation with foreign universities and institutions and oversees student and teacher exchange programs such as Nordplus and Erasmus +. International representatives contribute to increasing university participation in various EU programs in the fields of science, education and training.

International representatives provide students and teachers with information about overseas cooperation between the AUI and the opportunities available. This includes grant applications for student and teacher exchanges.

Erasmus + and the Iceland Agricultural University have contracts with several schools in Europe through the Erasmus program. Erasmus + is based, among other things, on individual grants for student exchange, and students can apply for a stay of 3-12 months without delaying their studies, subject to the requirement that their study abroad be fully assessed upon arrival.

For more information, visit the International Coordinator page on the university's website. Learn more about the Icelandic Agricultural University at

  1. Bifrost University

Bifröst University is located in the Norduradalor valley, about 30 km north of Borgarnes in Iceland. In 1918, it was founded in Reykjavik as a secondary school called Cooperative College.Sambin Noose Choline). The school was run by an Icelandic cooperative movement.Samband íslenskra Samvinnufélaga) Was originally designed as an educational college for cooperative shop staff and other athletic members. Originally a business school, this course offers bachelor's and master's level law and social science degrees, as well as correctional college preparation courses. Students and staff surround the school, and Hólar University College is one of two campus universities in Iceland. However, many enrolled students are in distance learning programs.

Students can go to one of the partner schools in Bifröst abroad to study, and the undergraduate program evaluates this program so that they do not lose important time in the program. Students interested in exchange studies can apply for exchange studies and book appointments with international representatives. The International Chairperson applies for Erasmus grants to students applying for European exchange students. Students should be familiar with the university's partner schools before the interview.

Bifröst University's partner schools are:

  • Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences (Business Administration)
  • EPHEC University College – Brussels (Business Studies)
  • American University of Bulgaria (Business, Economics)
  • Czech University of Life Sciences – Prague (Business, Information and Communication)
  • IBA – Calling (Business Student)
  • University of Lapland (Law and Social Sciences)
  • Toulouse University (Social Sciences)
  • Faculty of Economics, Berlin (Business and Law)
  • Pantheon University of Social and Political Science (Social and Behavioral Sciences)
  • University of Florence-Florence (Business Administration)
  • Óbuda University – Budapest (Business Administration)
  • Turiba University (Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality)
  • International Law & Business School – Vilnius (Business Administration, Tourism) (Nýr)
  • The Hague University (Business Administration, Political Services and Citizens)
  • Southeastern Norway University (Business Administration)
  • Kraków University of Economics (Business) (EAA Grants)

See the full list of Samstarfsskólar – Partner Schools pages on the Bifröst University website. Visit the Exchange Study page for more information.

  1. Hola University College

Hólar University College is located in Hlar, Iceland, an important historic educational center. Hólar's first school was founded in 1106. It was renamed Hólar Agriculture College in 1882 and became Hólar University College in 2007. Hólar's long educational history is one of the oldest schools in Europe. Hólar University College has three departments: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Speech and Tourism.

Hólar University College focuses on working with other universities and research institutes. Active quality cooperation is invaluable in relation to education and research, bringing more effect on institutional operations and broadening the range of courses available to students.

Hólar University College is a liaison to Iceland's public universities. In addition to various administrative and technical advantages, this includes guest or visiting research opportunities and joint research degrees. Hólar University College is increasingly participating in the EU's education and training programs through the Erasmus and Leonardo Initiatives. This includes staff, students, and opportunities to enter and exit. The active mutual agreement under the Erasmus Charter at present is a contract with:

  • Aquatic Aquatic Biology
  • Netherlands Den Bosch University
  • French Francois Rebel Sightseeing Tour, France
  • Telemark University College, Norway
  • Tourism
  • Jósef Pitsudski Poland Athletic University
  • Fachhochschule Westküste, Germany
  • L & # 39; Université d & # 39; Angers, France
  • Van Hall Larenstein, The Netherlands
  • Leeds Beckett University, UK
  • Coimbra Polytechnic Institute, Portugal
  • University of Dalarna, Sweden
  • Halmstad University, Sweden
  • Southwestern University College, Norway

Visit Exchange and Visit Studies for more information. Learn more about Hólar University College at

  1. Iceland Academy of Arts

The Icelandic Academy of Arts (or Icelandic University of Arts) is an Icelandic higher education institution located in Reykjavík, offering the only university-level degree in Icelandic arts. Founded in 1998 by integrating the Icelandic Drama School and the Reykjavik School of Art, the university began classes in the fall of 1999. There are five departments of arts education, design and architecture, art, music, theater and dance.

The Icelandic University of the Arts actively participates in international cooperation. The university is a member of the Nordplus training program and the EU program Erasmus +, hosted by the Nordic Ministerial Conference, two extensive international cooperation ventures. These two programs include teacher and student exchanges as well as other forms of collaboration. The Icelandic University of Arts has signed bilateral agreements with more than 100 institutions of higher education in Europe through Erasmus. Within Nordplus, the university participates in several thematic networks with 90 partner schools in the Nordic and Baltic regions. In addition, the university is currently in bilateral agreements with academies outside Europe.

Below is a list of some partner organizations.

  • Innsbruck University (architecture)
  • ERG Brussels (Design)
  • Beijing CAFA Central Art Academy (Design)
  • Prague Institute of Architecture (architecture)
  • Royal Conservatoire Aarhus / All Vogue (Music)
  • University of Alto (Design)
  • Puerto Charente Music Center (CESMD)
  • Berlin University of the Arts (architecture, art, music, performing arts)
  • Athens Art School (Fine Art)
  • Hungarian Fine Arts College (Fine Art)
  • NSD National School of Drama, New Delhi (Dance)
  • University College Cork (Music)
  • Jerusalem Bezarel Academy of Arts and Design (Art, Design)
  • Academia di Belle Arti di Brera / Rome (Fine Art)
  • Shibaura Institute of Technology (architecture)

Grants awarded to all exchange students are specific to each partner country. Visit International Relations for more information. Learn more about the Icelandic Academy of Arts at

  1. Reykjavik University

Reykjavik University is Iceland's largest private university with more than 3,500 students. Approved by the Chamber of Commerce, the Icelandic Federation of Industries and the Icelandic Employers Union. The university consists of a law school, a computer science department and a science engineering department. All four schools offer a three-year study program leading to a BSc or BA degree. All schools offer postgraduate and doctoral programs. The University of Reykjavik also offers Open University, with preparatory learning for students who need more preparation before starting college studies, and executive training courses for professionals. Research at the University of Reykjavik is available in bilingual languages ​​(English and Icelandic).

Reykjavik University is rooted in the Icelandic Commercial University of the Computer Science School (TVÍ), which was founded in 1988, and has run the Icelandic Commercial University (VÍ) for 10 years. Reykjavik University began its first semester in 1998 in a new building called the Reykjavik School of Management. TVÍ became one of two departments within the school. The name change was inevitable because the school name did not describe the school's various operations.

Reykjavik University offers scholarships for full-time students:

  • Graduates
  • Sustainable Future Scholarships: Partial paid scholarships for students at Iceland School of Energy are 3,000-9,000 USD. Scholarships are awarded for merit to students who have already passed one of ISE's full-time postgraduate degrees.
  • Future Arctic Energy Scholarship: Partial fee scholarship for postgraduate programs offered by Iceland School of Energy. It is offered to students who have already passed one of ISE's full-time postgraduate degrees and have a special interest in the Arctic. Scholarships are awarded according to merit.
  • Undergraduate
  • Dean's List: Students who achieve the best results during each exam period have the opportunity to be on the semester list, with tuition waived for the next semester.

Visit the Student Scholarship for details. For more information about Reykjavik University, please visit

  1. Akureyri University

Akureyri University was founded in 1987 in Akureyri, northeast Iceland. Since then, he founded the School of Health Sciences, the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Business and Science. The university is the largest distance education provider in the United States, with nearly half of enrolled students studying through distance education. Akureyri University works with other Icelandic universities to operate the Westfjords University Centre. One is Castel and Marine Management and the other is Marine Innovation. In addition, Akureyri University works with other Nordic universities for Western Nordic Studies and the Master of Polar Law program.

Akureyri University has an increasing number of exchange students every year. The opportunity for all of these to study in the capital of northern Iceland was attractive for a number of reasons.

Exchange students come to Akureyri through exchange programs such as Nordplus, Erasmus, North2North, or through a bilateral agreement between Akureyri University and the student's home institution. Free movers are not allowed.

Akureyri University offers four courses each year to introduce Icelandic, community and nature for university international students. This course is only available to students enrolled in full study and exchange students.

  • Icelandic as Foreign Languages ​​I and II
  • Iceland nature
  • Icelandic Community, History and Culture

Visit the incoming exchange student for more information. Learn more about Akureyri University at

  1. University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is a public research university located in Reykjavik, the oldest and largest institution of higher education in the United States. Founded in 1911, the school has steadily grown from a small government school to a modern university, providing education for about 14,000 students in 25 faculties. Faculty and research are conducted in social sciences, humanities, law, medicine, natural sciences, engineering and teacher education. The university has a campus in the center of Reykjavik and has additional facilities in the surrounding areas and in the countryside.

The University of Iceland is a three-year undergraduate program leading to BA or BS, a two-year graduate program leading to MA, MS or M.Ed. and a PhD or Ed.D. In addition, short bachelor's degree programs are offered at the bachelor's and master's levels.

Students, staff and other faculty at the University of Iceland can apply for grants from university-run funds. On the one hand, there is a fund that allocates grants for scientific research to doctoral students and research scholars at the University of Iceland.

On the other hand, since its founding in 1911, there are more than 60 scholarships and University of Iceland scholarships, which are funded to support a variety of projects in a particular field of research. University of Iceland, student or faculty.

College students can also apply for Erasmus + and Nordplus grants to study abroad.

Visit Funds and Scholarships for more information. Learn more about the University of Iceland at

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