Rozdhan App क्या है? Rozdhan से पैसे कैसे कमाए

Friend, open it as soon as you install the RozDhan app. Get Rs 25 Creadit option and enter your mobile number.

for teeth Write an invitation to get 25 Rs buttons Referral code click 05T99LAdd this and you will immediately see Rs 25.

As soon as you do Add invitation code Will you balance Rs 50 in your account balance Confirm can do

Check your mobile number As soon as you run this app you will receive 25 rupees Download Invite your friends to get it by adding referral codes.

Invite you 1250 Coins and Recommended Rs 25. You get 1 rupee for every 250 coins. That means you get 1250 coins, or 5 rupees, after downloading the app from the share link.

RozDhan app Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye?

You will only receive referral fees if the invited user (friend) uses the invitation code. You can't use referral fees without using referral codes.

The advantage of the invited user using the invitation code is that they immediately get Rs 25, i.e. Rs 25. Lausanne Rs 25 Recommended

The more apps you share, the more profitable you will be able to see your apps on the App Dashboard Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, Gmail, e-mail to friends Shareable

RozDhan QR Code Give friends if you want Install app You can do it

Now on paymentLausanne How is the payment made? ”, You can then send your earnings to your Paytm account. If you have a total of 200 rupees in your RozDhan account, PayTM Wallet Can send

If you have a passion for video production, you can create a video and upload it to your app. heeler Will also be made.

In this way Lausanne Referral Program and Its RozDhan app If you have a question about it you can lose money, you can comment I may ask



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