Rental Job 2019

Job opening 2019 recruitment notice from local government engineering department.

Rental Job 2019
Rental Job 2019

Niag Rule 20, which applies to local government engineering departments (employees and employees), is completed. The candidate must be a citizen of Bangladesh and a permanent resident of Bangladesh. And the applicant must be between 5-8 years old on 7-8-2014.

Freedom Fighters / Martyrs The age limit for Freedom Fighters' Sons / Daughters / Disabled is 12 years old The son and daughter of a free fighter are five years old. For ages, statements are not allowed. Candidates from all districts can apply for orphans and physical difficulties.

Rules for filling out the application:

Interested applicants can fill out an application at

(A) Application deadline:

(i) Date and time of online application submission: 1-5-21pm: 5:30 pm.

(ii) Last date and time when the application was submitted online: 24-5-24pm: 3pm.
Candidates with a user ID within the above deadlines will be submitted within 12 hours of the time the application is submitted online.

This allows you to submit a test fee. Applications will not be accepted after the specified date and time.

(B) In the online application, the candidate scans a signature (length 1 x width 4) pixels and a color image (length 3 x width 4) PIxel and uploads it to the specified location.

(C) The information provided in the online application will be used for all subsequent activities prior to sending the application. The candidate himself is 100{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} sure of the accuracy of all the information filled out.

SMS delivery rules and test fee payment:

The application can be filled with photos and the signature is completed by submitting the application according to the application and uploading the photo and signature according to the instructions.

Candidates who correctly submit their application will receive a copy of the applicant with a user ID, photo and signature. The candidate prints or downloads a copy of the applicant and saves it as an aid related to the exam.

Submit a candidate Mate 12 /-(100 times) without Teletalk prepaid mobile number using a copy of the applicant in the following way:

Here, "If all parts of the application are submitted online and you do not submit a test fee, the online application will not be accepted."

How to submit a fee:
First SMS: Enter your LGED user ID and send it to 16222

Example: sent to LGED ABCDEF and 16222

Reply: App cant & # 39; s Name, Tk. 112 is charged as an application fee. PIN 12345678. @ Type LGED Yes Pay PIN and send to 16222

Second SMS: Enter LGED YesPIN and send to 16222

Example: LGED Example 12345678

reply! Congratulations on your application name, payment for the god application for peos 017XXXXXXX has been successfully completed. The user ID is (ABCDEF) and password (017XXXXXXXX).

Rental Job 2019

Rental Job 2019

After paying the fee, candidates will receive a user ID and password via SMS to their mobile phone number provided in the application.

The cost of testing via SMS and other such information can be found on our website at or

Candidates will use the user ID and password to print an admission card containing information such as rail number, post name, photo, test date, center location and time.

The candidate's recognition card must be displayed when participating in the written examination and on the oral & # 39; actual exam (if applicable) & # 39 ;.

Candidates do not need to submit documentation on their first application. Only after passing the written examination and the actual examination (if applicable), the candidate should present the original of the following academic papers that support the information mentioned in the application during the oral examination.

A copy of one set must be submitted by the first grade official.

Required paper sheet:

(A) Certificate of all education qualifications.
(B) National ID (NID / Smart Card).
(C) The permanent address referred to in the Certificate of Citizenship, a job application issued by the Mayor / City Mayor / Councilor / Councilor to assist the region and nationality.
(D) A letter certificate issued by a first-class official.
(E) Birth and death certificate for Candidate Free Fighter / Martyr Freedom Fighter Son, Freedom Fighter Certificate (Ministry certificate, Bamus Certificate), SSC Certificate / Free Fighter Release Date / Gazette Number and Free Fighter Release Date- For candidates who can work together as daughters, leave them free. Certificate issued by the relevant Union Committee Chairman / City Mayor / District / City Corporation Counselor to prove the relationship with Tijeda / martyr. During the oral examination, the national identification of the candidate and his parents should be displayed
(F) For minority and other quota candidates, a certificate issued by that authority.
(G) For physically troubled candidates, a certificate of disability issued by the relevant authorities.
(H) Accept the card.
(I) A copy of the applicant.

How to recover if you have lost SMS:

Only on Teletalk prepaid mobile phones, candidates can recover their user ID and password by following SMS method.

Forgot Password:

Sent to LGED Space> relpsgaCa> User Space> User ID and 16222 if user ID is known.
Yes : Send to LGED Help Users ABCDEF and 16222

If you know the PIN number, we sent the LGED HelpPIN PIN number to 16222.
Yes : Send to LGED Help PIN ABCDEF and 16222

(iii) For Niag, the Quota Government's latest policy will be adhered to.
(iv) TA / DA will not be provided to participate in written / oral / real (if applicable) exams.
(v) The authority reserves the right to refuse the application without giving a cause.

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