Recent Match Report – United Arab Emirates vs Afghanistan, ICC Intercontinental Cup, 2nd Innings

Afghanistan December 9 is 510 (Ihsanullah 124, Stanikzai 114, Rahmat 103, Raza 5-148), 21 is 0 bits UAE 197 pieces (Shaiman 85 *, Zahir 3-30, Rashid 3-69) and (f / o) 331 (Suri 81, Mustafa 68, Rashid 5-83), 10 turnstiles
Score card

The revitalized Rashid Khan scored five points with 29 points on orders over 12.3 times in the last day, finishing fifth in the UAE's intermediate and lower ranks.

Rashid repeated his feat after winning Man-of-the-Match in Afghanistan's I-Cup win over Hong Kong, scoring 152 points for eight. -I have placed Ireland. Afghanistan aims for a possible date with Zimbabwe early next year, while the two countries will now enter the test world with the first Irish test against Pakistan in Malawi in May 2018.

Rashid's appeal began to bear fruit last morning, despite 21 overpasses in three days with 146 consecutive bases of Rohan Mustafa and Chirag Suri. Saqlain Haider shaved the pads with three men around the bat. Javed Ahmadi confined the ball between his legs on a short leg, juggling for a while to lock Rashid's first turnstile 11 into the overnight.

Rameez Shahzad fought with games to establish the UAE middle order and expand the game as much as possible to regularly clean up the border between Rashid and Zahir Khan. But Zahir finally pushed Rameez forward. Nevertheless, the UAE can rebuild Afghanistan's bats, require 17 runs and fight with a final draw before 5 wickets have lunch.

Rashid, however, used three turnstiles on either side of the gap to create a sensation. Ahmed Raza survived the big appeal for lbw in the first pleated ball, but slipped into Nabi in the next ball. After resuming lunch and the first ball, Amjad Javed stepped on the wrong line, trapping four balls in front of Rashid's third turnstile.

Afghanistan suddenly saw his favorite player for five consecutive victories in the tournament, but the nasty Hawk across Adeg Mufti's legsides made sure Afghanistan faced its nominal goal. Mufti eventually gave the wicket Afsar Zazai an edge, giving Nabi the second turns of innings. Rashid only needed two balls to defeat 11-time Amir Hayat with an inning fifth wicket. Surprisingly, Rashid has completed five tickets each in his fourth class so far since his four-day debut against the British Lions. Last December.

If only Afghanistan had 19 people, the UAE fought hardly a short time after the first appearance of the innings that Hayat could see, and after the third-placed discrete Nura finished fifth in Hayat on the second slip. Ihsanullah eventually swipe from Ahmed Raza to Midwick for the sixth time, pushing the boundaries of victory.

Afghanistan raided the stadium after defeating Ireland against 10 wickets in front of 15,000 fans in the UAE 11 months ago in the Desert T20 Challenge finals, but the celebration for this event was a bit muted. But as the Asghar Stanikzai captain handed the Intercontinental Cup silverware to the crowd, the 500 fans who participated in the event were fully accepted as part of the celebration. Over the next few days, a bigger test that has been proven against the best Associate world in Cricket awaits.


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