Nintendo has no plans to announce the Switch Mini and Pro at E3 2019

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch fans who have been waiting to see Nintendo's new hardware line this year were disappointed today after Nintendo's CEO denied rumors that the company plans to announce Switch Mini and Switch Pro at E3 2019.

There have been many rumors that Nintendo has been working on two new variants of Nintendo Switch. It was said that a variant was a cheaper and less powerful version called "Switch Mini" or "Switch Lite" and a more expensive but powerful variant called "Switch Pro". It was rumored that Nintendo would announce the variants sometime in June at E3 2019. But it seems that will not happen.

While talking with Bloomberg in Osaka, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa said

"As a general rule, we are always working on new hardware and will announce it when we can sell it," Furukawa told reporters in Osaka. "But we have no plans to announce that at E3 this year in June."

Last week, the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province in China approved Nintendo Switch sales with Tencent as a distributor. It was believed that if Nintendo announced the two variants at E3 in 2019, they would also launch in China somewhere around fall. Furukawa also clarified the company's plans regarding the recent Chinese approval.

"Our current applications are for hardware only, but we will also need inspections of our software," said Furukawa. "We will need many more applications for the government and others, so from that perspective, the launch period is still unknown."

In a recent earnings call, Nintendo announced that Switch sales have exceeded 37.74 million units. In addition, the company estimates that they will sell 18 million more units by March 2020, representing a figure of around 55.74 million units.

Although Furukawa has said that Nintendo will not announce a new console this year, it has mentioned that the company is always working on the development of new hardware. Based on these sales estimates, we are likely to see something new next year. Too,

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