In that post notice of great promise for the Bangladesh Air Force.

In that post notice of great promise for the Bangladesh Air Force.

Bangladesh Air Force

Join the Bangladesh Air Force

  • Occupation Category: citizen
  • Occupational Status: Full time.
  • Number of posts: 3.
  • Training qualifications: According to the terms, the details are as follows:

age : The age limit for candidates must be between three and five years on March 25. Freedom Fighters / Martyrs Children of Freedom Fighters can rest up to 12 years old.

Free fighter / martyr, son and daughter of free fighter, maximum age is 5 years old. For physical disabilities, the maximum age limit is relaxation of up to 12 years.

suddenly The oath statement is not allowed with age.

Join the Bangladesh Air Force:

Candidates for public officials should apply through the appropriate institution and attach the application with the certificate of the office concerned, mentioning the nomination, grade, salary size and base salary, date of appointment, etc. of the candidate. But it must be between 1 and 5 years old by March 25th.

Candidates apply in the prescribed format with full name, father's name, mother's name, permanent address, current address, school district name, national ID, date of birth (according to national ID), religion, nationality, educational qualifications and experience (if any). You should. (Some forms can be found on the website).

CENTRAL NON-PUBLIC FUND APPLICATION. Candidates up to serial number (1) in paragraph 1 (1) of Niagia Notice and candidates under (1) to (1) under RBA under the BAF or “Central Private Fund” BAF. You need to attach an amount worth 1 /-(50) Bank Draft / Pay-Order.

You need to provide bank draft / pay order to Sainali / Janata / Agrani / Rupali / Trust Bank in Dhaka Cantonment area.

Click here for more information on joining the Bangladesh Air Force.

Bangladesh Air Force

Candidates are required to attach a certified copy of the National Identity Card with three copies of the latest identification size with the application. The application will not be considered, except for a copy of a certified national ID card. The date of birth of the National ID or NID must be the same as the date of birth of the Certificate of Education.

Candidates may not apply for more than one post. Incomplete or defective applications will be treated as a direct cancellation.

The applicant's name and the district's name must be listed on the envelope of the application.

Envelopes of size 8x contain Rs. It must be attached to the job application form with a 5 / post value ticket. Otherwise, the application will be considered canceled.

Regulatory authorities reserve the right to reduce, increase, cancel and withdraw vacancies free of charge. For Niag, follow other government quotas.

NIAAG candidates should be interested in serving bases / units / squads in every corner of Bangladesh Air Force in Bangladesh.

The application referred to in paragraph 1 shall (4) make a copy of the passport-sized color photo and a copy of the national identification form duly completed in paragraph 1, from the headquarters of the Dhaka Cantonment official, Dhaka, May 22-22. Issue. You need to reach the address. Applications will not be accepted after the specified date.

Candidates who have passed the written examination must submit a copy of the following documents and two sets of proven copies during the oral examination.

Documents required to join the Bangladesh Air Force.

A. All educational qualifications without trash.

B. Certificate of citizenship issued by the city council / city council members / city council chairperson / public official.

C. Evidence of the parent of the candidate as a certificate of parent awarded by the Secretariat of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Liberation War.

D. Freedom Fighter / Martyr The duty of the mother-in-law of Freedom Fighter, who submitted an application issued to the parents / mother parents / mother (if applicable) of the parent in the Ministry of Liberation and War of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

E. If the applicant is the son of a free fighter / martyr free fighter, the son or daughter of a free fighter / martyr free fighter, the petitioner is the councilor / municipal councilor / councilor by the ward councilor of the corporation.

F. Certificate issued by the Department of Social Services for orphans and candidates with physical difficulties.

G. Certificate issued by Deputy Director / Upazila Office if a minor candidate.

H. Certificate issued by the competent authority if you are an Anshar VDP candidate.

warning : Don't be fooled by dishonesty about admission. If you're guaranteeing a job and asking for money, cheat. Referrals of any kind are considered disqualified.

This post is a massive job posting for the Bangladesh Air Force. It first appeared in deshbd25.Com.


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