Dream11 क्या है और इससे पैसे कैसे कमाए?

Friend, today we will provide complete information of Hindi Dream11 in this post. Friend, you can get information about all questions related to dream11 in this post. First let me know what Dream11 is. So that everything is easy to understand


Dream11 Kyhai?

Dream11 is one such game. Users who can make money through fantasy sports games can play all these games. (Cricket, hockey, football, soccer and basketball).

Dream11 Company started in 2012 and now in 2019Unicorn Club"Pahi joined an Indian gaming company.

Dream11 is now the most popular game in India. So far, more than 5 people have joined Dream11. And its popularity is increasing every day.

Dream11 is available for both Android apps and websites. Users can start the game simply by signing up.

Dream11 Se Paise Kayse Kamaya

You can earn millions of dollars with the Dream11 game. Just create an account and create a team in Dream11. Dear friends, you only need 2 things to make money in Dream11.

Create a Dream11 Pay account.
Choosing a team in Dream 11 means creating a team.

Then, if the team's players play well and the team you create wins, you'll win the contest.

We are here Dream11 Se Paise Kayse Kamaya100 bonus Rs free bonus on Kaise, Dream11, Dream11 Team Kaise banaye, Dream11 pointing system kaam kaise karta hai?, I will tell you, in turn, complete information about these.

Registered Dream11 Par Kaise Karen?

Friend, creating an account in Dream11 is very easy. You can create an account on your mobile number, email ID or Google account and dream11 on Facebook.

Dream 11 join To do this, follow these steps:

Stage 1 :

First of all, download the Dream11 app on your mobile Google Play Store Does not get directly from the given link Download can do

How to download the Dream11 app

Step 2:

Download the Dream11 app And after installation, open it on the phone.

Get a dream11 promo code

Now in the bottom left,Have a referral codeClick on the given option.

3 steps

Now fill out the account registration details and create an account.

Invite the code: get this code instead Rabindra 12 You need to insert This will give you a free bonus of RS 100 (you won't get Rs 100 unless you enter the code mentioned above).

  1. Moblie Number: You need to write your mobile number here.
  2. Email: Write your email here.
  3. Password: Now enter your password.
  4. Registration: Finally click the registration button.

How to register kaise karen dream11

Step Four:

After processing this, the OTP password is provided to the mobile. Now if you confirm receipt of your OTP, you will get a free bonus Rs 100 as soon as you confirm.

Dream11 me 100 Rupye ka Free Bonus Kaise Milega?

To get Rs 100 for free from friends dream11, you need to enter the promo code () during registration.

If you don't redeem your friends, the promotional code mentioned, you won't receive the bonus. If you have already installed this app, you can continue to use this promo code. To do this, first open your phone's Dream11 app and follow the steps.

  • Click your profile picture in the upper left corner.
  • Now click on My Rewards & Benefits.
  • Then click the Get Coupon button.
  • Do you have a coupon code now? click
  • Then enter this code ADMINQ10JK.
  • Finally, click the Apply Code option.

You can now get a free credit bonus of ₹ 100. You can use referral codes in this way.
Receive a free bonus of Rs 100.

Dream11 Game Kaise Khele?

Now let me show you how to play Dream11. You need to create your own team before playing. While creating Dream11Team you get 100 creadit points, you need to manage these creadit points.

Friends, you have to choose 11 players from all of the team's players to make a team. Every player has a different point. The higher the value of the player, the more points you earn.

To manage these Creadit Points, you need to configure your team. Assuming there are 11 players on the team, it will be 100-11 = 89 points.

Now you need to choose 10 more players from this Banky Point. The total score is that you only need to choose 11 players for 100 points. You have to be careful to take care of the same player you are playing

It's very easy to find out who's playing and who's not. When the match begins, 10-20 minutes are recorded before the player's name is played and the match does not proceed.

You can find more places besides this. Such as:-You can get complete information about the match from Cribuzz.com's website. On this site you will know who is playing the game 10-20 minutes ago. Now let me show you how to choose a team in Dream11. Know about it

Dream11 Team Kaise Banaye?

Creating a team in Friends Dream11 is very easy. To do this, you must first log into Dream11's app or website. Log in to Dream11 and click on one of the following matches:

Now you have to choose 4 categories of players: Wicket-keeper, Batsman, All rounder and Bowler. Then you need to choose a captain and vice president.

  • Turnstile Keeper: First of all, you need to choose 1 turnstile keeper for your team. Both teams can choose the ticket gate player they want.
  • hitter : Now you need to type 3-5 people for your team. You can choose the best batter from both teams.
  • All round: You can choose from 1 to 3 people in the first round. Now both teams have more choices.
  • Bowler: In bowling, you can choose a minimum of three to a maximum of five bowlers. Looking at the bowlers of both teams, you need to choose a good bowler.

After choosing a team, you need to choose the captain and the voice captain of the team based on your choice. Remember Captain's Doubles and Vice Captain's Dead Fold Points.

In the screenshots given here, you can see the entire team, player points, captains and sub captains.

dream11 team kaizuvana

Dream11 team

We will tell you how many points you receive for the player's performance in the dream11 game.

How do I find points in Dream11?

Is it very important to understand how the dream11 fantasy point system works to play Dream11 games? This section details the Dream 11 point system and explains it in detail.

Bet Point System:

1.Run: +0.5

If one of your players is playing, a run will give you a spot. That means you get 0.50 points.

2. Boundary Bonus: +0.5

If one of the players hits four, you get an additional 0.50 points. In other words, you can get run points and boundary points separately.

3. Six Bonuses: +1

If one of the players hits six, you get one more point.

4. Half century bonus: +4

If you have half a century of players, you get 4 extra bonuses.

5. Century Bonus: +8

If any player scores a century, they get 8 points as an extra bonus.

6.fired duck: -2

If your batter comes out without facing a single ball (usually at the end of the striker, but because of the stump or widening) he is reduced to minus two points. There is.

Bowling Point System:

Ticket gates: +10

If a player takes a wicket one by one, he gets 10 points.

2. 4 turnstile bonus: +4

If a player takes 4 turnstiles, he receives 4 points separately.

3. 5 turnstile bonus: +8

If a player uses 5 turnstiles, he receives 8 points separately.

4. Maiden or higher: +4

If your player does a virgin overover, i.e. never overruns, you get an extra 4 points.

Defensive point system:

1.Catch: +4

If one of the players catches the catch, you get an extra 4 points.

Stumping / Runout: +6

You get 6 points if the turnstile is thumping or if someone instructs the player to run.

3. Runout: +6 (+4 Throw, +2 Catcher)

If two players run out of one player, the thrower gets 4 points and the catcher gains 2 extra points.

Economy Point Point System:

1.4 times or less at a time: +3

If your bowler gives 2-4 runs in overs, you get 3 more points.

2. Between 4-4.99 runs: +2

If your bowler gives a 4-5 run at over, you get 2 extra points.

3. Run 5-6 times: +1

If one of your bowlers exceeds 5-6 points, you get an additional 1 point.

4. Run 9-10 times: -1

If one of your bowlers gives another player 9-10 runs, his score is reduced by -1 point.

5.Per run between 10.1-11: -2

If your bowler gives a 10-11 run at over, his point is -2 deducted.

6. 11 or more times: -3

If your bowler plays 11 or more times in the over, his score is reduced by -3 points.

Blow speed (except bowler):

1.between 60-70 runs per 100 balls: -1

If one of your players has 60 to 70 runs on 100 balls, the player's -1 point is deducted.

2. Between 50-59.9 runs per 100 balls: -2

If your player is playing 51 to 59 runs on 100 balls, the score is reduced by -2 points.

3. Between 50 runs per 100 balls: -3

If a player plays 50 innings in 100 innings, his score is reduced by -3 points.

Other (others):

The captain receives 2x, the voice captain receives 1.5x and 11 who starts, receives +2 points. I'll tell you a little bit in detail.

If one of your players is playing and he is your captain, you get twice his 0.50 points, or 1 point. If the player has 1 turnstile and is your captain, you will double 10 and get 20 more.

Likewise, if one of your players is playing and he is your vice captain, you get 0.75 points for 1/3 of his 0.50 points.

If a player has a ticket gate and is a vice president, he receives one third of ten points for 15 points.

In addition to this, at the start of the match, each player receives a +2 extra bonus for free.

This is how Dream11's fantasy pointing system works.

How to get payment from Dream11?

In Dream11, you can transfer your won directly to your bank account. The process is very easy. To do this, simply follow these steps:

Click on your profile picture to go to the My Balance option, then click Check Now in the winning section and add the details of your PAN card and bank account.

You must first verify your mobile number and email address, and then check your PAN card. Then you can add your bank account information to make a payment.

In this article we learned what Dream11 is, how to create an account on Dream11, how to make money from Dream11, how the Dream11 points system works, how to play Dream11, and how to get the Dream11 ₹ 100 bonus.

After reading this article, I sincerely hope that you can get complete information about Dream11. If you still have questions, please contact us in the comments section below.

This game is the most played game in India. This has been going on since 2012 and is absolutely true. I also saw this game going on. Really pays.

I hope you like this post. If you have any questions, please let me know this post.



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