Beyond Meat Reveals Its Public Offering Price

Beyond Meat

Vegetable meat is steadily growing in the United States. According to a Nielsen study, Americans spent as much as $ 650 million on meat substitutes.

Beyond Meat Impossible Foods has dominated the meat substitutes market, and demand for product lines has fueled growth. Confidence among the investment community is also encouraging.


Beyond Meat expects $ 200 million in financing by selling about 7.5 million shares at the upper limit of $ 21 per share. This value believes that Beyond Meat is worth over $ 1 billion today.

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Good news for investors?

The competition is made available to music by investors of Cleveland Avenue, founded by McDonald's Don Thompson, Kleiner Perkins and Clear Ventures, and DNS Capital Beyond Meat – DNS Capital, who manages the assets of the Fritzker family. These investors, including Bill Gates and Tyson Foods, supported about $ 122 million for Beyond Meat's journey to fight American meating habits.

Famous for meat processing and marketing, Tyson Foods invested in Beyond Meat in 2016.

To profit beyond meat

Beyond Meat has an incredible growth record, from $ 16 million in 2016 to $ 88 million in 2018, which does not eliminate the fact that Beyond Meat is not yet profitable. In 2018, operating losses were about $ 30 million.

Make history beyond meat

Beyond Meat is at the forefront of introducing meat substitutes to American supermarkets. Impossible Burger and Just, the first company to offer collusion in the meat replacement business and its competitors dealing with meat grown in the laboratory, follows this trend.

Meat consumption is estimated at $ 270 million in the United States as of 2017, and investment in meat replacement startups is expected to separate from this $ 260 million chunk.


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