Bangladesh Navy Announces New Jobs

Bangladesh Navy Announces New Jobs

Bangladesh Navy

Join the Bangladesh Navy:

2. Ages of 1 to 20 years (5 to 20 years in the military) are not allowed.

2. Body fluid (minimum) male:

A. Height: 12.5cm (1.8 ").
B. Weight: 5kg
C. Chest size is 5cm (1), 5cm (12).

Body fluids (min)

A. Height: 5cm (1.8 ")
B. Weight: 5kg
C. Chest usually 1 cm (25) extended 4 cm (5)

(Additional scale weights assigned to the army based on height and age are considered inadequate)

2. Educational validity:

A. Secondary and secondary (science) passed a minimum of GPA 1.0 on an equivalent test. Both tests require at least GP3.4 in mathematics and physics. or

B. Candidates in the English language medium must be Grade A or higher in grade 2 and Grade B in grade 2, out of 5 subjects at O ​​level. And passed A grade B with at least 2 subjects for A level (both physics and mathematics in both tests).

C. Navy High Quality Test (HET) of candidates working in the military. Equal Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Air Force passed the test.

Or at least GPA 1.1 on secondary or higher secondary (Science / Commercial) / equivalent tests. In both exams, you earn a minimum GPR of 1.0 in mathematics and physics, accounting, and business organization and management.

D. The Secondary (Business Training Branch) and Higher Secondary (Business Training Branch) exams received at least GPA 6.5 for the branch. Higher secondary exams must be taken with a minimum of GP 3.0 in accounting and business organization and management.

B: Twenty years of HSC examiners can also be supported.

2. Marital Status : single
2. Nationality: Bangladeshi male and female citizens.

ignorance :

2. Dismissed or removed from military, navy and air force or government services.

2.If you rejected DOUT twice in ISSB

2. Appeals from the Army, Navy and Air Force were not considered to be allowed at the Medical Bard.

2. If found guilty in court

2. Incomplete, defective, and multiple applications with one name are considered invalid.
See here for details

Join the Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh Navy

Monitoring method:

2. Basic health screenings and basic interviews: Preliminary health screenings and preliminary visits to Dhaka, Chittagong and Kulna Center will change from May 23 to 5.

12. written test : In preliminary health screenings and preliminary interviews, written examinations of the candidate's intelligence and English and common sense will be held at the Center on May 7 (subject to change).

2. ISSB Exams & Interviews: Candidates who have passed the written examination will be held by the ISSB for examinations and meetings of the Military Power Election Commission (ISSB) in Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka.

2. Final exam: Candidates selected by the ISSB must attend the BNS Haji Mohishin of Dhaka Cantonment for the final exam.

2. Final Call Commission: The finalists' committee will hold candidates eligible for the final exam by Nowsadar on December 26.

2. Naval Academy Yes Dan The finalists will be the official cadets of the Chittagong Parunga Bangladesh Naval Academy in the last week of December 28.

Procedures for collecting and filling out applications in the Bangladesh Navy:

How to apply online:

Applicants should follow the application process by visiting the website and clicking "APPLY NOW" on the right side of the homepage.

At the end of the application, you can complete payment through online banking and mobile banking. At this stage, candidates will submit credit / debit cards (such as VISA Master Card and American Express) and mobile banking (e.g. Vikash, Rocket, T-cash, Industrial Cash, AmCash, Micash, OneCash, EasyCash, QCash, Nexus, etc.) You should. AMEX) et al. Tk. 5 /-(Offer) You can pay the application fee for free.

The application process can be paid according to the procedure outlined on the website. In addition, Bangladesh Bank of BN Recruitment Fund Trust Bank Ltd. can apply online by submitting an application fee and collecting payment orders.

As soon as the application process is completed, the candidate must download and print the Form Commission-1A and Personal Information Form along with other relevant documents during the preliminary interview, along with a letter for the initial interview.

If the candidate fails to download the Eclipse-up Letter and Form, the name, rail number, and tracking number will be provided on the cell phone number provided by the candidate (except the applicant via a paid order), which can be downloaded and printed later on the same website. .

Manual application method:

Dhaka's main branch, BN Recruitment Fund Trust Bank Ltd., is able to collect money from any bank in Bangladesh with Rs' money order (money only). When filling out the manual, the applicant shows the address of Pay-Order / Maniscript Nim, goes to the Form Commission-1A collector and the Pay-order / Maniscript is later submitted with the Form (Commission-1A).

A. Central Library, Naval Office District, Banani, Dhaka.

B. Dhaka, Cheetah, Kulna, Langpur, Madaripur

C. Banuja Titumir, city Khalishpur, Kulna 1

D. Dhaka, Chittagong and Kulna Naval College (for students).

And Navy English Cool and BN English and College Coolna (for students).

F. Station Headquarters Bogra Cantonment, Bogra 3.

Bangladesh Navy

This post announces a new recruitment notice to the Bangladesh Navy. First appeared in deshbd25.Com.


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