20 Treasury Jobs

Notice of appointment to the Treasury.

  • Occupation Category: government.
  • Occupation type: Full time.
  • age : 3-5 years.
  • Number of posts: 3.
  • Application procedure: online.
  • Start application: 1/3/21
  • Application termination:1/3/21
20 Treasury Jobs
Notice of Appointment from Treasury

Note the following conditions for completing the application in the Ministry of Finance and participating in the examination of notice 20:

2. Candidates must be AD 1/3/21 years old.

(A) The average age of general candidates is 3-5 years old.

(B) Age restrictions apply only to children and daughters of free fighters / martyrs free fighters, and those with physical disabilities are 8-12 years old.

(C) The age limit for split candidates (appointed or appointed by the same rule) is five years. Applies only to terms described in steps 1-5.

(D) The affidavit cannot be applied to proof of age.

(E) The recruitment rules of the Bangladesh Secretariat (non-profit officials and non-public officials) for writing blank posts of sections I, VII and VII of this recruitment notice hold the blank posts of No. 1 "Rules of computer staff Niyag government agency" Blows. 20, "Filling Vacancies of Serial Number 6" Employee Recruitment Rules for Departments and Departments, & # 39; I will follow.

In addition, all existing governmental regulations regarding niyag and subsequent revisions to it are complied with.

(F) Candidates working in public, quasi-governmental and self-governing bodies must apply for non-compliance with appropriate authority. Candidates must check the Departmental Candidate's home when completing the application under all conditions. In other cases, this condition does not apply.

12. Applicants should mention applying their latest training eligibility in their application.

2. Take written and oral exams for all positions. However, only candidates who have passed written and practical exams on blank posts in grades 1-5 are considered eligible for the oral exam.

Apply for Treasury Employment Notice 20.

2. TA / DA will not be offered to participate in written, oral and practical examinations.

2. The regulatory authority has the right to increase the number of posts mentioned in the notice or to cancel the notice.

Notice of Appointment from Treasury

Notice of Appointment from Treasury
1 day
Notice of Appointment from Treasury
2 place
3 place
Notice of Appointment from Treasury

2. Candidate confirmation:

(i) All test / certificate / non-certificate originals must be marked during oral examination.

(ii) A certified copy of all certificates must be submitted with a printed copy of the completed application.

(iii) Certificates issued by Union Parishad / Municipality / City Corporation must be submitted as permanent residents of the relevant district.

(iv) You must submit a certified copy of your national ID / birth certificate.

(v) You must submit a letter of certificate issued by a first-class public official.

(vi) Candidates applying for other quarters must submit a certificate / certificate / non-certificate from that institution.

(vii) Candidates employed by departments and governments, para-government and municipalities must show the original of the correspondence letter of the agency during oral examination.

2. Based on this fact, the candidate's characterization will be performed before the final judgment on the candidate is made.

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