Where is Jose Mourinho going?

Jose Mourinho won all the major trophies in club football, but his fame has played throughout the recent season. His last league title came back in 2015. Next season his strength slowed down.

Where is Jose Mourinho going?

The 2015-16 season was a disaster for the Portuguese manager and then club Chelsea. They were defending the champion, but a 16 loss record of 16 meant they stayed in the middle of the table and Mourinho was fired.

Manchester United took the opportunity in Mourinho and began to succeed in the League Cup and the Europa League in the first season. But things changed instantly and the club began its worst season. But with the new executives and United's resurgence in Real Madrid, they decided to re-appoint young Zinedine Zidane. Where is Mourinho going?

Portuguese national side

A prominent choice will be a crack on the country side. The FA has always guaranteed to keep Mourinho's favorite as a future British director, but his relationship with the media is much stronger than it is now. Portugal is his hometown, so it's a clear choice when you want to enter international games.

But the fact that his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo could be an obvious obstacle in this plan, and he continually stated that he was still too young to manage the country. Mourinho will lead this country someday, but he will find another job in club football. If you bet on football at NoviBet, this choice would be undesirable in the next stage of Mourinho.

Inter Milan

I had the best time as a manager when in Inter Milan and Italy. Fans and players worshiped Portugal's manager and were desperately sad to see them leave for Real Madrid in 2010. When I saw consecutive domestic titles in San Siro between 2008 and 2010, it was a trophy glory spell.

His first moment in the club came in the 2009-10 season, and Mourinho led Inter Milan for the first time in high notes. It is the only time the Italian club has achieved this achievement. Since his departure, the club has steadily declined as Milan completed its first Champions League qualification for seven seasons last season.

Mourinho continued that his next club should give him freedom of operation. In terms of transfer market and backroom staff. Inter Milan will allow Mourinho the freedom to bring him to the club.

A wolf

The rise to the Premier League is amazing. The caliber of players brought under the guidance of Jorge Mendes as club agents did not meet the club's standards. As a championship, I bought players with Champions League experience. Something I have never heard of in a secondary club.

Through the link between Mendes and Mourinho, the club will have to go through rough patches and manager changes. Former Manchester United and Chelsea coaches are one of their favorites. It is not clear if you are interested in Mourinho, as this move will retreat from the most recently managed club level. However, he will allow the opportunity to rediscover himself.


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