Success After 40: Making 15 Celebrities Later – Part 1

Many give up dreams. Because I think it's too old. But how old are you to know for sure that the success has passed you? Well, in the stories of many successful people, if you are in your twenties, you are still likely to succeed. But that's not always the case. This is especially true when everyone looks 25 years old and has a prosperous career.

We gathered a list of very successful and famous people here, proving that sometimes it takes a little longer to reach the top of the game. Scroll down to read their story!

#One. Stan Lee, 39

Iconic cartoon writer Stan Lee joined the industry when he was 17 years old. At the time, he began working as an assistant in the comic book division of a company called Timely Publications. However, even after being promoted to fill the ink bottle, erase the pencil marks and run the department, it took time to succeed. Stan Lee released his first comic book only when he turned 39 in 1939.

Alan Rickman, 42

Actor Alan Rickman, best known for his role in Harry Potter, began his career in a completely different field. Prior to acting, he had a career in graphic design. Rickman even opened a graphic design studio called & # 39; Graphiti & # 39 ;. At the age of 26, Rickman decided to become an actor and attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His talent was recognized only after appearing in 42 years old "Die Hard" in 1988. His fame surged when he portrayed Severus Snape in the first film of the Harry Potter series in 2001.

#three. Bob Ross, 41

Bob Ross spent 20 years in the US Air Force and, at the age of 41, became his favorite painting teacher at the age of 41.

Morgan Freeman, 50

One of Hollywood's most respected stars, Morgan Freeman, liked to act since childhood, but when he graduated from high school, he joined the Air Force and became a fighter pilot. The actor eventually left the Air Force and became an actor, but it took time. He was 50 when he started his first big break in the movie Street Smart.

# 5 Samuel L. Jackson, 46

Currently, 70-year-old Samuel L. Jackson is known as one of the best actors of all time to star in over 100 films. Samuel showed interest in dramas in his early twenties, but at the age of 46 he became world famous, playing an outstanding role in the film pulp fiction.

Steve Carell, 43

Before taking a big break, Steve Carell didn't play a big role, but when he was 43 years old, he got a big change in his career.

Christoph Waltz, 53

Christoph Waltz and Austrian-German actors were the first big breaks to gain international fame at the age of 53 after appearing in the infamous Bastard.

Harrison Ford, 35

At the beginning of the carrier, Harrison Ford was dissatisfied with his role and decided to become a self-taught carpenter to support his family. But one of his roles eventually helped him to play a role in the Star Wars movie. The film was a huge success and began his career at the age of 35.

Liam Neeson, 40

When he graduated from college, Liam Neeson had a variety of casual occupations, such as forklift drivers and truck drivers. After playing his first acting role at the age of 25, Neeson had to wait until he turned 40 to get his first big break on the film Schindler's List.

# 10.JK Rolling, 32

Before JK, Rowling wrote Harry Potter, the best-selling book series in history. She suffered from depression and poverty, tried to recover after divorce and was looking for a way to support the child. In this tough time Rowling began writing Harry Potter. The first book of the series was published in 1997 at the age of 32 and began his amazing career as a writer.

Colonel Sanders, 62

Colonel Sanders of KFC, one of the world's most famous fried chicken chains, had a hard time keeping a job. As a result, he had many different jobs. At some point he was a firefighter, stem engine stalker, insurance salesman and even enforced the law and was fired quite a few times. However, the man found his place and purpose when he began selling fried chicken in a roadside restaurant in the 1930s. Sanders completed his secret Fried Chicken recipe, and the first KFC franchise was held when Sanders turned 62 in 1952.

# 12.Susan Boyle, 47

For a long time, Susan Boyle was not recognized for the talent of the singer. But when I saw the British talent in 2009, the situation changed completely, with immediate success. She was 47 years old.

Brian Cranston, 44

Brian Cranston made his first major breakthrough in the Middlecom's Salcom Malcolm at the age of 44 after years of acting as a standalone television. Eight years later he gained international fame for his role in Breaking Bad.

Viola Davis, 43

Viola Davis made his love for acting in high school and starred in numerous films before his first big break when he got a role at Doubt at the age of 43 in 2008. I was impressed that Davis' first Oscar nomination was a success.

# 15.Ken Chung, 38

Ken Jeong began his career as a doctor, but when he was 38 he started his acting career at Knocked Up. Jung decided to quit medicine and become a full time actor.

Looking at successful actors, businessmen and other geniuses at a young age, sometimes you can not wonder what you are doing in your life. But not everyone reaches its peak between the 20s and 30s. Here is a list of 15 famous people who have succeeded since the age of 40 and where they went:



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