Major decisions were made in the City of Light and the football world was left in darkness against VAR.

Manchester United's amazing victory at Parc des Princes was undoubtedly one of the greatest European nights in history, but it was indisputable. Penalty for the red devil in 90 minutes played a decisive role in their progress.

Law 12H / B, reviewing the rulebook, says that the attack did not commit that the arm / hand should move intentionally toward the ball, regardless of the position of the arm / hand. No matter how many times you see Kimpembe jumping towards the ball, you can't really try to influence the path of the ball with his hands, furthermore his arm is stuck to his side body.

Given that PSG is out of competition from the hands of VAR and not Kimpembe, making harsh decisions seems exaggerated. Nevertheless, UEFA backed the referee's decision with the help of VAR because Dalo's shot was not close to Kimpembe.

Organizations like UEFA rarely criticize one of the referees publicly, so their party line is not the most surprising. But even more revealing, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher, who tends to beat the union of referees, said the decision would never have been made in England. In general, if there is little doubt, Gallagher will side with the referee, but he takes a firm stand on this and demands that the referee make the wrong decision.

Who knows how important it is to keep United's hopes of winning the Champions League and not be in the top four this season? In shifting the focus to the league, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was delighted to see Arsenal's downside against the Spurs in North London Derby with United due to a trip back to the Emirates from the French capital.

Solskjaer was a game that could play a pivotal role in the Champions League qualifiers, while the Solskjaer was a Spurs arsenal if Bet Connect's pro fits well with the Premier League betting tips. Thankfully, 45-year-olds climbed the mark. In other words, United could head to Paris with peace of mind.

Since then, the Red Devil has not progressed smoothly in a situation where he suffered only from the Paris hangover after losing 2-0 to the Paris London hangover. In fact, United couldn't fly on Emirates, and in the top four races, this continuous tattooing technology makes no guarantee of passing the league in the 2019/2020 Champions League. Thankfully, thanks to Damir Skomina, the dream of qualifying by winning a representative club event in Europe is still very important.

Regardless of VAR's howler, what they did in Paris deserves tremendous credit and will now pay attention to whether you can go in all directions in the competition.

The PSG sadly broke up and the difficult Champions League title was still out of range for another season. However, VAR's hands can blur the water a bit and ensure that Thomas Tuchel can keep his job and cause another crack next season. Manchester United left Paris after work, but in the City of Light and around the world, many will be in the dark about how they can get it done.


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