Ansar vdp profession circle 2019, ansar and village national guard application

Ansar vdp profession circle 2019, ansar and village national guard application

Ansar and Village Defense Forces are important parts of Ansar. Currently there are about 50,000 general Ansar members in 6,000 guards in 3,732 organizations across the country.

ansar vdp work prototype 2019

Ansar vdp job guide for 2019:

Organization name: Bangladeshi Sar VDP.

Occupational Status: Government occupation.

Occupation type: Full time.

age : 30 years

salary : Default 14200 tk

Application start date: March 29, 2019

Application deadline: 7 April 2019

Job Location: Dhaka

source : Online official website.

Website : Application

Important KPIs such as airports, harbors, power plants, industrial and commercial facilities, hospitals, educational institutions, metropolitan traffic control, navy and other public transport, train stations and other public and private sectors.

Your deployment is doing security. Even after training you can be a proud Ansar. Interested candidates will apply online and must attend the selection committee according to their location and schedule.

Finally, the selected candidates will have five weeks of basic training for General Ansar, which will be conducted at Ansar VDP Academy Gazipur for the entire period.

2. Candidates must meet the following qualifications.

9-9 years old
Age is 6 years old (26/5/21), 3 years old is 1/8/21 years old.

Training qualifications must be at least JSC side.

Physical ability 5 chest size-1/12 inch. If there are painful disorders. Candidates are not selected in the default selection.

Height-at least 5 feet 5 inches

Vision Power-1 / 3.

Priorities → High altitude, access to sports and culture (VDP / TDP) is the basis. Priority is given to the candidate selected in the initial selection.

ansar vdp work prototype 2019

ansar vdp work prototype 2019
ansar vdp work prototype 2019

Required Applications:

2. Nationality: Bangladesh.
2. How to register online:
Ansar and Village Defense websites on UDC (Union Digital Center) or online computer,
The application can be completed by submitting a link to the General Ansar (M) Basic Training Application Form at (

This link is active from 12 hours on 26/21/26 to 9:30 PM.

23 Taka for online registration must be deposited via the Bikash / Rocket MabiCash marked online.

If you have problems with filling out an application and paying fees, you should call 122, 1220 and 1220 for advice.

After registration is complete, you need to print the online item, save it, and mark it when selected.

2. Travel documents to participate in the investigation:

(A) Educational Accessibility Original Certificate.
(B) Original ID card.
(C) A copy of the personality certificate.
(D) Copy of citizenship certificate
(E) Online registration, confirmation (entry card).
(F) Copies of all documents A through E identified by officials.
(G) Three recent color passport-sized photographs identified by officials.
(H) Candidates must bring with them a pen, pencil, scale, and clipboard to participate in the exam.

2. You can sleep that-benefits:

(A) At the end of the training, Tk. You will be given a margin of 5.00.
(B) Each year two festival allowances will be provided at the rate of Tk.
(C) Two unit rations will be provided as a grant.
(D) In ​​case of death on the job, financial assistance is provided at the rate of 5 lakh rupees and two lakh rupees for permanent disability.

ansar vdp work prototype 2019

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