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"Youtube channel kaise banaye" As you know hello friends. I posted an article to my blog a few days ago. As I said you online How to make moneyHow to make money online in hindi 2019) We are Top 10 Best Ideas And i gave it Youtube Also heard. I saw this article todayYoutube Pe Channel kaise Babaye Will tell you) Youtube channel How to make it and how to make money with it.


Friends if you know more about any topic. And I want to learn about the topic from others. I want more money so Youtube Also very good platform Do you have incorrect information, friend Youtube Do not pay in your case Youtube The channel may be blocked. If your YouTube channel is banned Youtube I can't get it from

So you Youtube They try to keep the channel to the end. So share the best information. So more and more people like my channel. And your channel Recipient growth Meet more Subscriber met. I'll tell you now. You Youtube of mine channel How to make it

Friends if mobile Youtube channel I'm making it first mobile I'll make this setting. mobile in Google Chorme browser Open then look at the picture below and check the settings inside it. That setting mobile Once in Settings Own mobile I am so your mobile in Desktop mode is open Is done. And Desktop just screen Appears.

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Youtube channel kaise banaye

After setting whether you're on mobile payments or laptop or Desktop Both of the same screens appear. Enter in the address bar. Right on screen Youtube open it is done. Click the Signin button on the right side of the screen.

Youtube channel kaise banaye

Youtube channel kaise banaye

And as soon as you do login Button to request an email ID, Enter Password After logging in, these screens appear as soon as you log in to your account. Where the sign was written, instead of a picture or Will be like this. Then you need to click , You need to select the number 4.

How to Make Money on Youtube Channel?

Youtube channel kaise banaye

As soon as you do Youtube studio beta Click Youtube channel You will be asked for the name of the channel. , I want to keep Then you Create channel Must click,

Youtube channel kaise banaye

Now in front of you YouTube Studio Beta Open Is done.

Youtube channel kaise banaye

YouTube Studio Beta Open after. you Create Studio Classic Click to try and skip right before it. And the old version opens in front of you. Then you can edit it as you wish. .

Youtube channel kaise banaye
Youtube channel kaise banaye

Now you see this picture. And according to you Youtube channel You need to rename it. That's right. You can apply your channel logo. From here, first click on the dashboard. Then change the channel name in the view channel.

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Youtube channel kaise banaye

You'll need to do this after changing your friend channel's name and logo. In order to be able to monetize your channel, you must first edit your channel. In this case, you should be very unpleasant with your mobile number.

Youtube channel kaise banaye

As soon as you get very angry. All these settings will continue. And friends, remember that you can not start borrowing money immediately on YouTube. If you don't complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time on your channel, you won't be able to monetize your channel until then. Your channel is now ready to upload a video. Be patient, be good about this. So you can complete 1000 subscribers or 4000 hours of watch time on your channel.

Now you need to upload your video by clicking upload video. After that, the next page opens and gives you the option to upload a video. Click on it.

YouTube wave channel kaise banaye

Youtube channel kaise banaye

Select the file to upload Click on you computer You can select a video from the selection and the video upload process will begin. But apart from this, Opation is given here. If you have a video pulse on Google+, you can upload it directly from here. Here you can upload all your videos.

The video creation options on the right are the same. With the help of photo slideshow and video editor online You can edit the video. Friend, when the video upload is complete, you need to fill in the details of the video. About your video.

Youtube channel kaise banaye

YouTube channel bana ke paise kamaye

When the video starts uploading, highlight it in the photo to fill in the details about the video.

  • A test video was written in Janha. title "How to Make Money Online
  • Explanation Write something like & # 39; How to monetize on YouTube & # 39; and hear more from what you've heard in the video.
  • Video related tag Write and write commas.Make Money Online, Youtube )
  • Custom thumbnail Here you can create and apply a cover photo for your video. It feels like you're watching a video in the thumbnail of the video, but don't put the wrong picture and don't put the picture unrelated to the video.
  • A You can click to turn it on so you can write the title in Hindi.
  • You can archive your videos on YouTube in 3 ways.
    open : This video can be viewed by anyone on YouTube.
    Private In this video you can only see
    Unregistered This video is shown to anyone with a video link.
  • you Google+ To upload to Twiter as well, the video will be automatically shared to your account, where you can select the Twitter option.
  • Create a video playlist like " Online money making The video list is different from the video list.

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Youtube channel kaise banaye

If you want to do more than this setting, you can do it by clicking More Settings. You can disable the description of the video in additional settings. You can hide video ratings. Earn money by displaying ads on your videos on the Monetization tab. Information will appear in the next post. When the video is complete posting Click the button

I hope to youYoutube channel kaise banaye) You need to get help from a post friend, please share with this post and like it. If you have a question in your mind, comment and ask.



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