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“When I found out that Hampstead and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq had conceived a second child nine months and three weeks ago,“ I told Chris to my husband. [due at] The end of January – means you can vote. ”“ She sits in the living room of a new house in Kilburn, northwest London. It is at home because it has a baby. But she and Chris have now moved, and their only furniture is a huge plastic toy kitchen belonging to his two-year-old daughter, Azalea. "What I said shouldn't be the first thing in my heart," she said. However… “I expect to say a little more predictable about how the baby comes first. Not too much… “75{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} of my precinct remains. I don't know who the other 25{7be40b84a6a43fc4fae13304fce9a2695859798abfc41afd127b9f8b21c5f9c5} is because I never met them in my life. I have 22,000 EU citizens in my constituency. All midwives and doctors at the Royal Free hospital where I had this baby were European. I can do a descent dog in a Pilates class and someone will ask about their settlement. It's a really important vote. "

Pregnant Tulip Siddik (bottom right) attended parliament to vote for the Brexit discussion on January 15.

Pregnant Tulip Sidik (bottom right) attends parliament to vote for the Brexit discussion on January 15. HO / AFP / Getty Images

As that progresses, if you want to make God laugh, tell your plan. Voting on the Brexit deal by Theresa May took place on Tuesday, January 15. Due to gestational diabetes, Siddiq recommends having a cesarean section on the 37th day of the same day. Rejecting a proxy vote, she was able to make two choices. She could "pass". – The strange process of two labor whips and one Tory looking at you, exchanging eyes with one another for a mutual guarantee that you are alive and sound, and you return home – but she still appears in parliament is. She was able to "pair" with the MP of the opponent whose vote was against her objection, but discussed it in the party new-mum-MP WhatsApp group. Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson betrayed her mate by conservative MP Brandon Lewis while on maternity leave in July. “Joe just said:` `I can't believe it. I did not understand my feelings, I was breastfeeding my newborn and saw my mating broken. ”“ The only way to guarantee her vote is to attend in person. So she delayed the surgery.

Watching Siddiq arrive in his wheelchair, he became angry with the public. The reminder of how old-fashioned the congressional system reminds us that women who are supposed to have a baby cannot vote on their behalf. Siddiq says, “Why do we need to change women to fit their vision agencies? Why can't we change the institution? ”The scene where Labor MP Clive Lewis (" worker, he was disturbing everyone ") entered the lobby after her husband entered Congress brought humans not only at her party, but also at home. Tory MPs David Davis and Nicholas Soames provided solidarity. They expressed great regret for her situation and said that it was not desirable for her wife. And the prime minister came. “She tried to lose the most important ticket in her life, and she came and said,“ I'm so sorry. I'm sorry we couldn't vote for us. “It was very human to think that she had made a policy that ruined women's lives.”

The next day, she received a proxy vote, allowing it for the first time in history. Soon, a year-long trial was announced to allow votes for MPs in case of maternity leave, parental leave or adoption. Siddiq is terrified, portrays medical interaction in a moral and playful spirit, with people urging her to rest and having 17 things she must do first. But heading for Westminster the day before the C-section was very stressful. “You can't eat for a while and clean your stomach. I should have really been preparing for everything. What should I do instead? Sit in the cab and go to parliament and try this surreal experience. ”

Siddiq speaks at a women's talk held at the Brexit rally in central London in 2018.

Siddiq gives a female speech at the Brexit rally in central London in 2018. Photo: Wiktor Szymanowicz / REX / Shutterstock

Her baby son Raphael lie down and talk to her. The tableau offers intense protection not because it's so cute or because she's three weeks old, but because she's four feet eleven inches. Fornical conspiracy of the diaper brain. Just three weeks after the birth of a child, catching someone with what he says seems incredibly unfair. But she is partially confident because her constituency is in her bones. She has been a member of Hampstead and Kilburn constituency Labor Party since age 15 (now 36). The sheet was held by Glenda Jackson for 23 years, and when she stood for choice, Siddiq was advised: “Why don't you rename it Tulip Percy?” – Her husband's last name. "I felt outside that the Jewish community would not accept me," she said. Since she was in her teens, she was lying on the canvas with them and feeling wrong that she knew. When Jo Cox was killed, “The first rabbis who called me saw how they could help. I'm actually giving advice because it guarantees my safety at JW3 (Jewish Community Center). ”As vice chairman of all political party congress groups against anti-Semitism, her line is: Ten years ago, the problem still exists and still causes problems. It's the same crank with renewed energy. "

Saddiq's aunt, Prime Minister of Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh.

Saddiq's aunt, Prime Minister of Sheikh Hasina Bangladesh. Photos: WPA Pool / Getty Images

Being an MP that grew up at home, she is much more open and less worried about going wrong than any other (competent) MPs who are in a parachute. Siddiq resigned from the front bench when he refused to vote to publish article 50. She wants a public vote, and oh, she wants slogans to listen to MPs that really care for EU citizens, even if she doesn't get a vote. "I realized it was much easier," she says. “I am a determined person and my electorate is a determined person. It's very different from Stephen Kinnock or Ed Miliband. ”

Siddik is not a British politics, but a political dynasty. Her aunt Sheikh Hashi is the prime minister of Bangladesh. Her grandfather, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was the first president to be assassinated in 1975. It can not be said that she grew up as a future leader. “Mother was discouraged at first. She was shocked by what had happened to her father. ”This seems to show Teflon's attitude, as this connection is also a source of great debate. Hasina has been criticized internationally by human rights groups for her political disappearances, trialless detention, security forces associated with her regime, and inherently threats to the character of the police department. Siddiq was asked to intervene (by the writers of this newspaper) to interact brilliantly with the channel 4 creators. She asked pregnant Daisy Alepe about a British training lawyer Ahmad bin Kwasem, whose journalist was detained in Bangladesh. “I wish the child labor was born hard,” she had to apologize. “She got very hot and tried to humanize. I think it's a good time to say 'Look, we're both humans'. ”When asked about her aunt, I wondered what she would say. Do you deny the power of her relationship with her? It must have been difficult since Hasina gave a maiden speech in Parliament. “I'm close to my aunt personally,” she says. “She was the first to call this baby when she was born. She loves children She says I'm like her daughter. ”She points out that Kinnock (his wife, former Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt) was not asked not to intervene in Danish politics. With Bangladesh politics. Siddiq said, “I can't go where she is, listening to my nephew on national security issues. “There are two words she told me: 'Fuck off.' People have to realize the limits I have, how far away I am. If they ask me for intervention it looks much more powerful than me. ”

The Labor Party remains clear, but Corbin-Royal's MP group remains, and I'll say Siddiq is in it. However, one of the less noteworthy consequences of the current mess is that you can only see very obvious factions and outriders. You can't really see new politicians gathering. It's hard to tell how your organization is configured. Is there a WhatsApp group? “It doesn't apply to left keepers. But there is a female PLP group, a BAME group, who participated in 2015 and a conversation about Brexit takes place there. ”

Siddiq does not take maternity leave in her role. She was doing an incident investigation when the baby was three days old. Researchers can't do that. And being an MP is a privilege. I do not blame it. " Could Let the researcher handle the case. But the MPs feel indispensable.) She was asked how long she wanted a proxy vote.

Saddiq moves comically about her husband. Now he is a freelance consultant in the field of education. This basically means that he can pick up the children. ”The same is true of the self parody and lethal severity you hear in her evaluations over the last few weeks. "



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