The time is right for Women’s IPL – Raj

India's captain, Mithali Raj, lacked the experience of tension and close game finishing in the defeat of India nine times in the World Cup final. India lost seven turnstiles in 28 matches that were supposed to win the Virgin World Cup title. They chased 229 and fell from 191 to 3 to 219.

But disappointingly, Raj decided to focus on the team's "special journey." "I think everyone was so nervous that it caused our defeat," she said. "The girls are sad because they gave everything. It will take a natural and time-consuming. These girls set up the platform. They have opened many channels for girls cricket. They should be proud.

"As a captain, I'm very proud. I saw the changes the girls went through. I saw the transition. The team is still convinced that they will be the team that the other team is looking for. I felt proud. We started well. We had a few defeats and came back stronger. Unlike 2005, this result is over. The girls did their best. "

Raj said he couldn't handle the low-priced chase without using his name. Veda Krishnamurthy was debilitating, and Sushma Verma had a tense play. With two turnstiles in hand, he dragged Hawk to Midwick.

The slide showed the solid foundation work of Punam Raut, who together with 95-year-old Harmanpreet Kaur, scored 86 points and 51 points.

Raj said, “The last four or five batters could not afford the pressure. "The game is balanced at one point. It's the moment we didn't care. Bowling and defense really improved.

"We eventually messed it up. It was a very brave inning in Punam. It's about experience and how you're organized. The girls didn't experience it enough. But the way they fought alongside the tournament was the The future is very bright. "

Confirming that this was his last World Cup match, Raj hoped that the Indian performance would serve as the beginning of a huge leap for Indian female cricket. "The public response is very positive. BCCI is very proud of the team. When they lost a warm-up game, no one gave them the chance to advance to the semifinals," she said. “When we lost to South Africa and Australia, no one thought we would advance to the finals. Such a team came to the final and fought well with the home team.

"WBBL was exposed to two girls who played. [Smriti Mandhana and Kaur]. If more girls participate in such leagues, it will help to give them the experience and improve their games. If you ask me there should be an IPL. Because now is the foundation. Women's cricket is everywhere and set a much better standard than the last World Cup. "


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