‘Root’s positivity will come through in his captaincy’ – Bayliss

England's coach, Trevor Bayliss, sponsored Joe Root, got the same positive intentions he always brought to his batter, preparing to lead his first test team against South Africa next week. .

Root inherited the test role of Alastair Cook, who came down after a trip to India last year, but under the guidance of Eoin Morgan, he has been waiting a long time for the white ball cricket for the last seven months.

However, he played a pivotal role in the daily rise in rankings across the UK and addressing the launch of the Investec Test series in London, Bayliss said he would provide the route with the support needed to build his team. Next few weeks.

Bayliss said, "The way Rooty plays cricket is good and the plate is positive for the plate." "We've had a few short conversations over how Rooty wants to attack the game over the last few months. It looks like we're going to get a bit deeper into South Africa over the next few days.

"My operation is the way the commander is responsible," said Bayliss. It's a bit old school but that's what I believe. "They are the people who play the game. They have to talk about how the game is going.

"I would give 100% support to all the captains who have captained the UK since I came here if they make good claims about what they want, whether they choose, field placement, or change bowling. They haven't got a good claim for something." This is where I can come up with some ideas. "

Since Bayliss and his assistant Paul Farbrace took the lead in 2015, a day's performance in the UK caught the eye, but the test team fell short of the usual standard. They lost a record eight games in 2016, including two in a series going home from Pakistan last summer, and five of the seven were on the most recent mission to Bangladesh and India on the subcontinent. The first test team of the summer will be announced on Saturday morning, and the selectors know there are many places.

"We're probably not as settled as we can," Farbrace said. "Obviously this week the selector will make difficult decisions in terms of looking at balance and aspects. We still think there is a way to balance and organize as a team. Perhaps you know what the best team is. We've settled a bit more in Cricket a day, and we still have a long way to go.

But the player who does not appear to be more settled is the predecessor of the route. Cook was worried at the end of the tour of India after 59 tests in five years, but this summer he returned to the Essex route in a lustful manner, and in the form of ongoing contests, six hundred in all formats, including 193. Ranked No. 1 in the County Championship rankings in a match against Champions Middlesex. He seems to be an ideal form and frame of mind that gives Root a valuable source of wisdom in the corner of the dressing room.

Trevor Bayliss and Joe Root were wrapped in cold Getty images

"It's great that after giving up, I still scored with hunger," Bayliss said. "It's going to be a little juggling as a former captain in England. But he and Luti are doing well. Cooky is very respected in the team and if he thinks he has to say something, he's sure."

But the identity of Cook's opening partner is unclear. Before getting a hand injury in India last year Haseeb Hameed seemed to have played his part after his eye-catching debut, but he was struggling to run Lancashire this season and is likely to wait for his turn. Keaton Jennings, who claimed Lions against South Africa at Worcester, is ready-made. The argument of Frost Mark Stoneman, who flourished in Oval after moving from Durham last year, can not be ignored.

Farbrace commented on Hameed's struggle this season: “We are surprised that he had a hard time. "What stood out in India was not only the way he practiced and played the game, but also the nous, the confidence to see the house completely without being rough or arrogant. It excited all of us.

Farbrace added, "He's probably trying to solve his game, but he's definitely got a more incredible future at international cricket." "Everything about him suggests that he's a big success. It reminds me of the roots. [bad] He will be a better player. "

The best player of the season, Gary Ballance, proves that. He demanded 24 runs in four innings against Bangladesh's spinner last winter, but he showed an irresistible appearance as a virgin like Captain Yorkshire. In the game against Hampshire in April, he didn't stall the campaign with 108 and 203 points, and Bayliss expects to be a big part of the selector's thinking.

"It's great to see him score," he said. "I'm sure he'll be mentioned quite a lot at the starters tomorrow. One thing Gary always favored was mentally hard, so he could fall a few times and come back again. There is no reason, but the selection panel will have to decide whether it's time to see someone new.

Bayliss added, "It will be the toughest choice meeting on the spot for two years." "It's a good problem when you're worried about who to put in. [Dawid] Malang of the day series. Stoneman has made many runs in Surrey this season and many hard runs in the last few seasons in Durham. [Sam] Robson scored several times. They have come up for discussion and will answer you tomorrow. We will go down the road. "

Jonny Bairstow, a member of the Yorkshire team at Ballance, will be one of the first names on the Lord's team sheet. He filled out a form at the 2016 Test Cricket and set a new record by wickets in the year.

Bayliss said, "His blow is unbelievable." "He's batting seven seasons, and he must have scored, and he'll be one of the better players on the team.

"He's now convinced that he belongs to the team. When he goes up the level, [in professional cricket] "I feel comfortable and feel part of the new environment," said Bayliss. "He was not a Yorkshire player who sometimes plays in the UK, but he became a British player who sometimes plays in Yorkshire."

Bayliss pointed out that Bairstow has the potential to keep his gloves on the first test, even though his batter alone is worth selecting. As Jos Buttler and Sam Billings are already installed in the UK and Surrey's Ben Foakes gives a very strong case for recognition, the alternative is not yet thin when the alternative falls off, especially after the stump.

Bayliss said "as well as now." "I think Johnny has a chance to start as a goalkeeper this year."

On the bowling front, England will face several uneasy moments over the weekend, and as expected, it is expected that Stuart Broad's heels could advance to the London frost Saturday. Both Chris Woakes (side) and Jake Ball (knees) were ruled out, James Anderson was corrected to fix the groin problem early in the season, and the vulnerability to the UK's fast stocks is evident.

Bayliss said about Broad's fitness "you'll know the night before our choice meeting this morning." "He's been training for the last few days we've had more exams, and if he passes these tests, he'll be going to the finals all day with a test final exam.

"I have to admit that seam ballers can get hurt, but I think a good quality baller is enough in the UK." "You always want more than you need. You always want quality. But the last time Anderson, Broad, Wood and Stokes joined together was a Dubai test for Pakistan. [in 2015]"

Trevest Bayliss and Paul Farbrace Speak at the Investec Test Summer Begins


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