Raj eyes World Cup glory in hope of brighter future

Mithali Raj is right. As she said, "Everyone" was cheering for India. Even England, who opposed the Women's World Cup final, wanted Raj and her team to meet at the house of the Lord.

England captain Heather Knight said, "India's finals are the best result for female cricket." "There is a wide range of Indian growth and support. And as the team advances to the finals, BCCI will record and support women's cricket."

BCCI already did exactly that. The day before the finals, they announced a bonus of INR 50 lakh (about US $ 77,500) per squad member, whether or not they returned home with the trophy. This means that in the end, Indian women will receive at least three times the annual Grade A contract amount as INR 15 Lakh (about US $ 23,200). If they win, they know who can be richer.

Raj hoped that it would not be measured solely by added numbers. "There can be many changes to winning the World Cup, and these changes will help future generations." "Indian women's cricket will have its own brand. Nothing else is needed to support it and promote it as a sport. This platform and this victory will provide a definite opportunity for young girls to bring sports home. Perhaps a woman's IPL may be in the pipeline. "

This is not the first time Raj has proposed a female IPL. Prior to last year's T20, Raj predicted that India would "birth" women's IPL if it did well at the event. As the incident took place, India won only one of four group matches and did not play the semifinals. Now things have changed. The team is up and Raj has a reason to restate the request for an IPL.

"Now it's time. We've looked at how girls have performed in the last few years. And we've seen how Smriti and Hamanpreet benefit from exposure to WBBL." "If other girls in the squad are exposed to the culture of the T20 league, the national standard of Indian women's cricket will also be greatly improved."

Knight agreed that the IPL could be one of the representative events of the women's game, and that the performance of the Indian team at this World Cup could be a catalyst for the start. "Women's IPL would be great. BBL and KSL were very successful and helped drive women's cricket." "I saw the players who participated in the game in this World Cup actually developing and performing. As a cricketer, what we can continue to do is continue to improve and keep going."

But British manager Mark Robinson was a bit skeptical about another T20. His reservation, which is a national coach, is understandable. Especially since women's games are still trying to find a foot in relation to regular bilateral fixtures. "I think I have to play more international crickets before entering the IPL. We don't play enough international games. We haven't played games since November this competition." "We can't get ahead of us. Britain has to play more New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. From a selfish point of view, we need to play better games and more home games. IPL is India but more international games. I would like to. "

In that regard, Raj was pleased. T20 is the most important but she also wanted the game to develop more traditionally. "I prefer a longer female cricketer because that's the biggest challenge," said Raj, who did ten tests. "The T20 is a great way to promote the sport and gives batters a wider range of action to be more innovative and proactive in their shot selection. But if you want to see a good quality baller, give it a longer space. Focus on batters only. Not even a game must have a bowling player. "

But not the Lord's tomorrow. Raj hoped "a lot of running" in an average of 153 lands. She played 59 times for her first lost cause in 2006, and only twice when undefeated 94 helped India in July 2012. Beat England. She remembers everything she wanted to do again because at that time she was a "click picture" as the first participant at the age of 24. She's here to finish her World Cup career, so she's considered "fate".

Raj thinks he can continue playing in India for a little longer, but I want to give it all because I have confirmed this is the last World Cup and I don't know how big the reward is. "I want to go out this time, unlike 2005," she said. "I have had a lot of opportunities to enjoy the team's success or a few innings over the years, but it never happened to me. Now I'm not going to be afraid. About what can go wrong

What will happen? "It's a final and everyone will care. "There is always fear of raising the wrong foot no matter how many times we go to the finals." "But these guys are playing their finals for the first time. There's no fear for them now. It's totally different from 2005 when we're totally caught up in this situation."

The calm of India comes from a place of certainty. Because at least everyone who is important to them knows that they are rooted in them. Raj says, “The whole world will watch the Indian race. Everyone is cheering for the delivery home. "We are now receiving calls from various parts of the country to acknowledge and appreciate the team's efforts. Every team is very pleased with the way the team has done through the tournament. Indian woman cricket that can change. "


Source Link : http://www.espncricinfo.com/icc-womens-world-cup-2017/content/story/1112287.html?CMP=OTC-RSS


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