Lack of opening stands a ‘worrying factor’ – Raj

The lack of a strong opening partnership with India in the Women's World Cup became a worrying sign for the team. Lieutenant Thaly Raj said Saturday that he had hoped after losing 115 in Leicester on Saturday, following 274, particularly against South Africa. towards.

Raj said that after the match, the Openers did not give us the starting point that they expected. "The way they (the openers) launched their World Cup campaign against England, we were expecting one or two off games but couldn't play four times in a row. Chase, your best spells will make you run on board It's important to offer I think you will always put pressure when you chase 270 but I think you need an opening pair that gives us a start so that the batter can start typing on it. Today we didn't get it. "

Indian openers Punam Rout and Smartity Manda I scored 22 and 4 respectively. Since opening 144 major partnerships in the first match against the UK, Indian openers have scored 0 for the West Indies, 7 for Pakistan and 21 for Sri Lanka.

The chasing mission in India became even more difficult when South Africa had a total of 273 challenging challenges on the back of the opener Lizelle Lee's blistered 65 ball 92 and captain Dane van Niekerk's steady 57 back. India's misconduct was questionable as Lee started beating seven of six against opposition spinners Eck Taby Suit and Dipty Sharma, who had troubled opposition in the last few games. Leicester is the same place where England gathered 377 people and Australia scored 290. But it's also where South Africa tied the West Indies into 48.

After the match, Raj said, "We asked a few people at this spot, and the team that came in second place won more victories." "And we would have been close to 260 in South Africa in the square series as well as in the qualifying round. He scored 270 goals in a single game with 10 runs. We chose the field with that in mind.

"I saw how they were hit and even played very well in the innings and even put them on the track even if they lost the ticket gate early. We realized that the ticket gate was important. Striking entirely on her blow, she played one of the best innings we've ever seen in the World Cup: "We got 270 in a few shots in the inning."

Van Niekerk, who was chosen as a player for half a century and nominated for four in 22, praised her and awarded this teammate during her shower.

van Niekerk said, “This goes to Lizelle Lee. "She thinks it's worth far more than I do. If we get more trophies in the dressing room, we said there's a better day than a bad day. I think Lizelle Lee has set up the game wonderfully. Hundreds of people today Overflowing, she was wonderful, hit the ball cleaner than anyone in the world and showed it today. The shot she played is ridiculous and I hope the form can continue for us. "

Lee's knock struck at least 125 years old with 20 overpasses before South Africa made a slight stutter in the last 150 countries. Van Niekerk's 50 was convenient when he reached 4th and 160th in 28th place, ranking low to get 70 points in the last 10th.

"Yes, personally [one of my better performances] I think she's up against her performance, especially the teams and team types like India. "If you participate in this game, it's always a good idea to contribute because they thought it was the team and Australia to win. I just thought about it. I know my game so well that I can take it away from the backend and have some difficulty. But I stuck to my plan.

"While I was there, we bumped into a little slump. And if we can get over 250, we have something to do with the ball." Length… I spent some time there so I felt where the good line and length was and told the bowlers. & # 39; If pressure consistently fits, please apply pressure. Our way & # 39 ;. "

The only criticism of Van Nierk's team was against the Bolers who dismissed India with 158 out of 46. She admitted that she was "rough" at the bowler, but because she had seven Indian turnstiles in her first twenty overcovers, she won a big win.

"I'm probably going to be a bit harsh for bowlers, but I thought we had to get them out a little earlier, especially when they got seven to 65," she said. "I hope it won't last long, but the ticket gate is dead, so I can only do that at the ticket gate.

"We said we wanted all three aspects of the game launch, and when we did that today, it wasn't as clinical as we expected, but victory is a victory. We've got two points here and got it. It was a great team achievement. "

India, who finished second with eight points, faced Australia and New Zealand in the remaining games, while South Africa, who finished fourth, occupied Sri Lanka and Australia.


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