Champions League Under Pressure

Barcelona haven't shown their full potential in the Champions League over the past three seasons, so Real Madrid risked their lives in the European elite competition. The Catalan club has been eliminated from the tournament in each season's quarter-finals since their last victory in the 2014/15 campaign.
Despite LaLiga's dominance, pressure on Barca is growing to balance Spain. Spain's great rival rushes to a record number of crowns, giving it an edge over other regions.

The men at Ernesto Valverde missed the goal with Lyon, the first leg of the 16 round clash. The Groupama stadium turned out to be a tricky place and Oddschecker turned to tie. As a result at Camp Nou, Barcelona had something to do on the second bridge and never made mistakes at home.

The club lost to Real Betis at LaLiga, but needed a comeback to secure a draw for Girona, Athletic Bilbao and Valencia. Lionel Messi saved grace time on his side during this term. Argentina wasn't always against the elite teams of Europe, but it couldn't always spell magic anywhere. Barca put too much pressure on his shoulders, and three overwhelming European campaigns against bounce occurred.

After beating Juventus in the 2015 final, Barca was disappointed after playing 2-1 in Atletico Madrid. But the Antoine Griezmann parentheses were excluded from the competition in Vicente Calderon. Juve took revenge for the last defeat two years ago in the last eight years of conflict in 2017. Paulo Dybala's two attacks and Giorgio Chiellini's goal were to send the Italian outfit through the last four times after Messi and the company were confirmed. On the return leg. Barca was fortunate to have reached that stage of the competition and needed a miraculous return to defeat Paris Saint-Germain 4-0 in the 16th round.

The men at Valverde had a brilliant return from Rome. I lost Luffy 4-1 at Camp Nou before Edin Dzeko, Daniele de Rossi and Costas Manolas found a net to defeat the Catalan club. There are enough warning signs to defeat Barca against Lyon in past attacks. Barca has already proven his Spanish outfit and a match against Manchester City this semester, defeating Pep Guardiola's men at Etihad Stadium.

In the past, even Messi was frustrated on a big stage, so Barca must have a perfect show to see Lyon. Given the age of the key players, Valverde and his team have no choice but to win the European crown at least once while the windows are open. But even if you can see it on the French side, there will be a bigger challenge in the future.


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