Adnan Mufti hundred in bizarre UAE victory

UAE 195 (Mufti 104, Kami 5-27) Bit Nepal 63 times 132 (Malla 42, Javed 3-23)
Score card

Adnan Mufti Runs Backfoot Getty images

The UAE scored seven single digits in Abu Dhabi and scored 195, but still beat Nepal with a thriller. One of the UAE's Batman scored only a century but did not reach 200 points. Was actually the first Adnan Mufti's list career and 104 89 balls shook Nepal's 7 turnstiles for 42 running 132.

The conclusion to the game seemed not just as valid as a quick bowler cotton-armed kami tearing down the UAE with five virgins in a list A match. When Mufti joined Mohammad Boota (37 to 73) in the folds, the score was 39 with 5 points. Another turnstile rose to 140th and 43rd, at which time Mufti began work. He hammered Sandeep Lamichhane for 2-4 4 minutes. Suddenly his score dropped from 78 to 78. And he crashed Lalit Bhandari 4-6 and eventually got a memorable back in 87 deliveries.

Such innings tend to be added to the side's adrenaline when they return to the bowl. But Nepal has good weather and good weather. They were 90 years old for 3 with the opening Gyanendra Malla but still crimped. Leg Spinner Imran Hyder turned this into a double wicker. Nepal was 5 to 91 years old. Left arm spiner Ahmed Raza and fast bowler Mohammad Naveed knocked out more than three Batman.

The Granite City 8 (Coetzer 121, Ringera 3-60) Bit 266 Kenya 161 Episode 105 (Sole 4-24)
Score card

Kyle Coetzer goes into the 90s Peter della Penna

Kyle Coetzer made 130 deliveries 121 times in Dubai, and his Scottish team couldn't achieve much less than Kenya's 267 goal. Seamer Chris Sole got 4 out of 24 out of 10

Scotland, who was put into the plate, didn't do much. Their opening partnership broke at 10 overovers. They were three in the middle of the inning, and their run rate was just over four. But Coetzer was still in crisis and what was needed was a partner. Enter Craig Wallace. The 27-year-old, who entered the 87-year-old with his captain, blocked the fifth turnstile, stopped innings and won. In Kenya, Emmanuel Bundi finished 60 to 3 and Lucas Oluoch finished 2 to 34.

Chase started with a turnstile, and Kenya was 47 years old and 47 years old on the 13th. There were five ducks in the inning, with only two of the XI exceeding 13. 2 turnstiles each. Spinner Mark Watt and Michael Leask sent a combined order of 8-0-27-2.

Hong Kong 4 323 (lat 143, Hayat 89, Levia 2-46) beat PNG 93 Episode 230 Episodes (Doriga 89 *, Nawaz 4-54)
Score card

Anshuman Rath is undefeated with 137 balls and 143 for the virgin ODI century. Peter della Penna

Opener Anshuman Rath scored 143 undefeated highs for Hong Kong hitters in ODI. In pursuit of 324, PNG sank to 230. With 93 wins, Hong Kong took third place with 18 goals in 14 games.

After being dispatched to Hong Kong, Jamie Atkinson and Rath started off positive by adding 84 people to their practice partnership. The stand ended on the 19th when off-spanner Assad Bala had 36 stumps at Atkinson. But Lars could not stop. He added 142 to the second turnstile with Captain Barbar Hayat, who hit 80 balls 89 times before he even fell 43 times. Nizakat Khan lost one point during the same period and Tanwir Afzal fell four or more times, but Rath kept his momentum above 300.

Hong Kong also began a strong defense. Reduced PNG to 90 for 6 by 21 days. Kiplin Dogia and John Reva were able to mount counterattacks on the counter, adding 61 to the seventh turnstile. Doriga combined with Alei Nao to add 69 to the ninth turnstile, but it was all about reducing defeat margins rather than threatening Hong Kong's high scores. Ehsan Nawaz was named Hong Kong's best bowler by 4 out of 54 bowlers in Hong Kong.


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