Latest concept video for iPhone 11 flaunts triple camera with USB-C based iPad-Pro design

After the success of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, Apple has now released a new model. The latest video on the release of the triple camera unit set has been released. Conceptual video shows how a new model with such unique features will be implemented. This model is expected to debut this year.

The model does not have a typical camera with a square frame. All three cameras on this device include the same elliptical camera as the one currently on the iPhone X. Unlike quad LED flashes on other iPhone models, the flash ring surrounds an elliptical camera unit. With the introduction of three lens camera units, you can now capture photos with wide-angle, ultra-wide and telephoto lens photos to magnify from 2x to 3x. The flash ring is provided with increased LED output, which greatly improves the benefits of using mobile flash. This is the cleanest implementation of the camera device I've set up on my iPhone so far.

Apple, the creator of this model, also attempts to imitate other iPhone videos that introduce hip hop tracks on the market. The teaser includes a long and short phone, such as a product (RED) offering at launch and a screen touch ID sensor. The phone also includes a 120 Hz display on the iPad Pro.

iPhone 11 has a sharp metal design. It claims to be safer than previous versions of iPhone, but can't guess at this time. Face detection may not appear again.

The phone may not have replaced the USB-C instead of the traditional lightning charging port. Whatever the charging mode, the company guarantees faster charging, better battery life and better power backup, and if rumors are true, this model will have the fastest charging system among all other phones on the market. Your phone may also contain a 4000mAh battery. There will be smaller notches for the attachment of the earpiece surrounded by stainless steel. Earpieces ensure better sound quality exchange.

Prototype video is smooth and smooth. Prototype video has already caused a sensation among consumers. However, it is still a question to predict the success rate of this new model over other phones. But Apple has always been happy to meet your needs.


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