Facebook confirms merger with Whatsapp: Here’s what you need to know

It turns out that social media Instagram and WhatsApp agreed with the idea that Facebook would come out. The idea of ​​integrating the three social sites, the chat platform of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, plays a real role. The proposal was proposed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to make it easier and more scalable to chat with users. It may take some time, but it is expected to be updated and released by 2020.

To preserve the special features that Instagram and WhatsApp employees were worried about, new messaging methods are end-to-end encrypted. The system keeps the privacy of the data up to the mark and avoids the eyes of third parties. Despite the question that this can actually happen, the proposal seems strong enough.

According to the news, many responded differently. We've already started leaving Facebook for those who can't accept the concept of messaging platform integration. The reason for leaving Facebook is that this social platform does not provide a good security check. Social media has been hacked before, resulting in multiple levels of data breaches and apparently involved in fraud. Even if end-to-end encryption is enabled, no other hacking takes place and the confidence is uncertain. Private conversations are easily accessible to hackers and feel the user. At the same time, Cambridge Analytica scams have created distrust in social apps. The use of personal information for commercialization without the confirmation or permission of the authorities involved was a violation. This data may have misunderstood citizens and influenced politics.

The logistics involved in merging three software applications is still unclear. If a service product is not on the market, it may not appear. But data is at the heart of consolidation and this is guaranteed.

Quite a few suggestions are available on other sites for emerging trends. Some of them will have to press Facebook to create a convenient backdoor so you can keep an eye on WhatsApp users whenever you need a law.

Having maintained its reputation for building a completely independent platform, WhatsApp may still need to be in stock. Change is inevitable. Acceptance of emerging trends is very important.

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