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The police verification phase is an important security measure in connection with the issuance of passports in India. Police verification of passports can be carried out according to a number of factors, pre- or post-issuance of the actual passport, and sometimes police verification is not required. This article clarifies all aspects of passport police verification status, pre- or post-issue factors, and discusses some less-known details about the passport police verification process.

  • Passport advance police check
  • Check after police for passport
  • Do not check police

Police check check process

How is passport police verification done?

First, there are three main police check modes.

  1. Before issuing a passport: police check in advance.
  2. After passport is issued: after police check.
  3. No police confirmation.

The only difference between the first two is if the police found the address mentioned to verify the applicant's identity – before the passport was issued and sent out, or when the Indian passport was issued and sent out.

What is a pre-police check for my passport?

In most cases, police checks are made after the applicant submits the application and all relevant documents, annex, etc. before the application is approved (and before the passport is issued).

The passport office will forward the applicant's identity and address information to the relevant police station and begin the police verification process. The contact person must find the address to confirm that the named applicant is at that address, and also check the age and other personal information about the applicant.

If the applicant exists and explains and all the details are correct, the police officer will confirm that they are the same as the police station, then forward the information to the passport office and issue the passport to the applicant. This is a pre-issued police check.

What is the post police check for passports?

While it is true that police checks issued before passports are the most common form of police checks, the passport office (PO) sometimes determines that police checks are the correct way after passport issuance.

A good example of a police check issued after passing is for a civil servant / PSU employee who has submitted "no objection certificate" or "NOC" through Annex "M". These applicants were issued a passport before the police verification procedure, which in this case corresponds to the police verification procedure after the passport issuance.

Another good example of police verification after passport issuance is the case of a passport application for a minor child whose parents hold a passport and reside at the same address.

Since the police check has already been completed when the parents apply for a passport, the passport office will be suspicious and issue a passport first before the police station attacks the police check team.

How does the passport police verification process work online?

The truth is that it is already working. Police departments of Vivek nagar and Ashok nagar have already benefited from the whole process. Previously, police officers had to go to a private home for verification and it took a long time to actually process all the forms and documents submitted. But now the two transmissions in each police station are equipped with a tablet and trained to collect all the information and documents online with the help of the tablet. Police have a high priority in slowing verification procedures such as maintaining law and order. Officials and parties are satisfied with the fact that verification is now possible within 10 days. In fact, at the police station in Bangalore, one of these teams performed 90 verifications in just six days.

If you are already in a location where this system is located, it is better to prepare all soft copies and documents so that the process can be carried out much faster.

Police check after passport issuance

The government aims for the quick delivery of passports to provide convenience to the general public. Police verification related to this procedure is made after the travel documents are issued. This happens when you submit the required documents at the time of application. The government is trying to liberalize the police verification process to issue passports.

In accordance with the statement issued by the MEA, any applicant who provides an Aadhaar card, an electoral photo ID, and a permanent account number may be issued a passport faster, without additional fees or charges.

The MEA also said that a passport will be issued once the applicant's Aadhaar number is verified online. You can also check your election photo ID and permanent account number if necessary.

In August last year, the government said it would not need police confirmation to reissue a passport. To quickly submit a verification report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the mPassport Police application.

The application facilitates field-level verification to capture reports and feed them digitally to the system. According to a recent release, this application significantly reduces paperwork. You no longer need to download and print the app. The whole process will be digitized.

No police confirmation of fresh passport

In rare cases, the passport office considers no police verification required for certain passport applications.

For example, government / PSU / legal agency employees (along with application documents) who apply for a passport by submitting a document known as an “identity card” through Annex “b” will receive a passport without police verification requirements.

Applicants holding diplomats or official passports do not require police department verification when applying for a normal passport (if they have provided proof of identity through Appendix "b").

How to check the police check status of your passport?

When applying for a police confirmation, the police issue a different status for the police confirmation performed.

The following are the verification status types:

Clear – This condition indicates that the police did not find any reason for concern and that the applicant has a clean record (no pending criminal case against him). Police verification found that all the information provided by the applicant was true and correct.

adverse – This status indicates that the police found a mismatch in the information submitted by the applicant during the verification process, indicating that the passport was held or canceled. This discrepancy may be due to the applicant providing an incorrect or incorrect address on the application. Another cause may be a criminal case filed against an applicant pending in court.

incomplete– This status indicates that the document submitted by the police during the verification process was found to be incomplete and interrupted the process in the middle. Another reason may be that the police department did not properly complete the verification report. If the applicant has not lived in his current place for a long time and verification from the previous address is impossible, the police may mark the verification as incomplete because there is not enough information.

Upon completion of the police confirmation, a report is made and the passport can be canceled or approved on this basis. If a passport is not approved because of an ‘appropriate’ or ‘incomplete’ statement, the applicant can approach the police station that issued the confirmation report and clearly find the reason for the report.

Adverse Police Check for Passport

Your passport was delayed due to PV "ideal":

The address is invalid. If the police report determines that you do not actually live at the address you provided in the application, the police report will reflect the "illegal" status. There was a case when the police came to get confirmation at a time when it was temporarily unavailable, and you can fix this by writing a letter to the RPO with the file number and asking for reconfirmation.

Unresolved criminal case. If there is an unresolved or pending criminal case, no action can be taken at the passport office or police station to approve the passport until the case is resolved in court or as a court order for a temporary short-term passport. Got it. If the criminal case has been resolved but you still have a “more” PV report, you can bring a copy of the court order to the RPO and ask for reconfirmation. In any case, if your passport is delayed, you can contact the RPO with the relevant file number for access to the reason for the delay or the reason for the process. Once you know the problem, you can contact the relevant authorities and get your passport issued sooner.
Police check incomplete passport

If your passport is delayed, for example, because of a PV report that says "Incomplete," it could be because:

If you have lived in your current residence for less than one year, you must obtain permission from any address occupied by the applicant for the past year. If there is evidence that the applicant was in his current residence for less than a year and could not find a distance to the previous address, this could affect the PV report.

The police department did not complete the report properly. If the passport office receives an incomplete or incompletely completed police confirmation report, it will be resubmitted or sent to the relevant police station for completion. To check the status of your passport application, you need to contact the police station in this case.

Incomplete documents have been collected. If the police verification report contains a note that the police officer performing the verification did not collect enough documents to prove that they are actually living at the billing address of residence. If you do not provide the correct documentation that clarifies the length of stay in a particular residence, the report may be incomplete.

Passport issued before police check

Providing a passport is more than just filling out a form and arriving for an interview. The delay is usually due to police confirmation. But individuals can now procure their passports without too much hassle in less time due to new instructions.

If the applicant fully submits the application, along with the necessary documents, such as Aadhaar card, PAN number and voter ID, together with a statement without a crime, a passport will be issued within a week, and later a police check will be made. Individuals can choose one of the earliest five dates available.

The above is the result of a government decision to improve and liberalize the police verification process for passport issues. The government does not violate safety regulations by providing the benefit of police post-validation. Previously, passport verification took 49 days, after which it was reduced to 42 days, 35 days, and to 21 days the same year. Regarding the growth of passport holders in the world, India is the third largest country after China and the United States.

Buying a passport wasn't very good until Passport Seva Kendras was introduced. Police verification is a very important aspect of having a passport, and although the current process has changed from time to time, the basic principles remain almost the same to issue a passport, verifying the identity and citizenship of the applicant. There is no criminal record for them.

Passport Seva Kendras is very convenient and fast while saving the process of procuring passports.

If the applicant gives you a copy of your voter ID, Aadhaar card and PAN card, you will receive your passport within a week if you applied under the general category. You must also provide a statement in the form of Annexure -I. If the police check was part of the procedure, this process would have taken a month. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released an application called & # 39; mPassport Police Application & # 39; that allows you to quickly submit police verification documents. In addition to this, a reservation period of 5 days is available for passport application, which allows you to choose the date of booking.

Other cases related to Passport issues

The passport office may also determine whether police verification is required in certain circumstances.

For example, if the submitted application is for the reissue of an expired passport and the applicant's name, address and personal information have not changed – the passport office may only require a post-policy check.

However, if an expired passport reissue application includes a different address, etc., the passport office must perform a preliminary police check to ensure that the applicant's address actually changes and that the applicant no longer resides. Old address.

This depends on the Passport Office's own records and the availability of resources to make the necessary checks based on the number of applications received by the PO.

The exceptions to the different types of police checks selected by the Passport Office for reissue are:

  • Reissue of passport lost / arranged / stolen
  • Reissue if the name change is complete.
  • The Passport Office makes the final decision on the type of police verification ("dictionary", "post" or "no") required for other applications, depending on the case itself, additional documents submitted, and additional annex submitted. Issuance of a new passport or reissue of an existing passport

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Police Confirmation of Passports

How long does it take for the police department to send my passport in advance police check cases?

The passport office will send you a passport within 3 days after receiving the “Recommended” Police Confirmation Report (PVR) from the relevant police station for normal application. It does not apply to tatkal application.

How long does it take to send my passport from my passport after checking the police station?

The passport office will send you a passport within 3 days of receiving your passport application along with all necessary additional documents and annex. Police dispatch is made after passport dispatch and no PVR is required before passport issuance. According to the tatkal scheme, po will send a passport 3 days (based on working days) after receiving the application without pvr.

How long it takes to ship your passport at the passport office if you are not a police officer

The passport office will send your passport 3 working days after receiving your passport application along with all necessary additional documents and annex. You do not need a PVR before your passport is issued. Under the Tatkal scheme, the PO will send your passport within one working day of your application.

Do senior citizens over 65 need police verification when submitting documents?

In these common cases, passports are issued only by prior policy check. If an elderly applicant can submit a copy of the passport of a child (18 years of age or older) with a page mentioning the name of the elderly applicant, or if a passport application has been made under the Tatkal scheme-a passport can be issued.

Do I need a police check with a government / PSU / court agency employee?

For periodic applications and applications attached with prior consultation letters (via appendix “N”) submitted by government / PSU / legal agency staff, passports will be issued on the basis of prior confirmation. In order to be issued a passport on a post-validation basis, applicants of government / PSU / statutory bodies must submit a NO Objection Certificate (NOC) through Annex “M”. To be issued a passport without police confirmation, government / PSU / legal applicants must submit their original proof of identity through Annex “B”.

Does the name of the passport holder change so that a government / PSU / legal agency employee needs police confirmation to reissue a passport?

If your existing passport has a police confirmation report of "confirmation" or "exemption" and all required documents have been submitted before, there is no police confirmation. New passports applied under the tatkal scheme will be post-validated.

Do FICCI, CII or ASSOCHAM members need a police check?

Regular passport applications received by FICCI, CII or ASSOCHAM members will be made in accordance with the Advance Policy. To be issued a passport on a post-validation basis, an applicant who is a member of FICCI, CII or ASSOCHAM must submit the following additional documents as an attachment with the application: Standard statement in accordance with Appendix "I". Confirmation certificate in accordance with Annex "J". If you applied for a passport under the Tatkal scheme, you can also issue a passport on a post-verification basis.

At what address is police verification performed for people with permanent and temporary addresses?

If the applicant is from a certain city but temporarily resides in another city for work or education, police checks are performed at both the temporary (current) address of the new city and the permanent (old) address of the applicant's home. city.

Do police checks are required for applications of retired officials?

In most cases, even retired officials are issued on a pre-validation basis. The police may submit a "pension payment order" with the application or apply under the Tatkal scheme to obtain a passport on a post-validation basis.

Do police officers require an applicant who holds a diplomatic passport and who applies for a regular passport while receiving services?

If you provide proof of identity in accordance with Annex “B” with your application, no police verification will be made for the applicant. Regular passports will be issued on the basis of post-validation, and applicants must submit a NO Objection Certificate (NOC) in accordance with Annexure "M" together with the application "M". Applications submitted with prior information letters in accordance with Annex “N” will be issued on the basis of prior confirmation.

Do I need a police check to apply for a passport for a dependent of a government / PSU / legal agency employee?

Police verification is not required for dependents of government / PSU / statutory agency employees when submitting the following documents: Dependent identification card according to Appendix “B”. Standard statement in accordance with Annex “I”. Passports will be issued on a post-validation basis if applied under the Tatkal scheme.

Will passports be issued to applicants pending in court?

In this case, the court requires written permission to allow you to travel abroad. This written permission must be submitted with your passport application. In most cases, a passport valid for one year is issued and all the conditions mentioned in the court order are subject to GSR 750 (E).

How does the police check on passport issuance?

In India there are three main police verification modes: Pro Police Verification, Post Police Verification and No Police Verification. Advance police checks occur when a check is made before a passport is issued to the applicant. In this case, another check is made at the police station after receiving the required documents of the applicant at the passport office. Post-policy confirmation occurs when the verification is completed after the passport is issued to the applicant. In rare cases, the passport office believes that a specific applicant does not require police verification. In this case, a passport is issued to the applicant without any kind of police confirmation.

How do I apply for police reconfirmation of my passport in India?

To apply for a police reconfirmation of a passport in India, the applicant must request a reconfirmation by contacting their local Passport Office (RPO) at the passport reference file number.

What should I do if my passport police check fails?

If passport police verification fails, applicants are encouraged to contact their local passport office (RPO) with their passport reference file number to request reconfirmation.

The police confirmation is not clear and is under review by the local passport office. What should I do next?

If you see the message "Police has sent an adverse report," your passport status is under review by the RPO. If the police verification is not completed at your address, an adverse report will be sent. I don't know any other reason, but if the reason why the verification failed is absent at the time of verification, here's what you can do next:

Within six to seven days after the submission of an adverse report, you will receive a letter asking you to appear in the RPO within 30 days at the address. You need to take a proof of address with your letter. There you will be asked to explain why you are absent (but you may be able to state the reason for official reasons), along with a copy of your address verification and a completed application to resume police verification. Then the same day the police check again. The rest of the process is now as expected.

Another case with similar problem:

This is lucky. In the case of the reporter's wife, the police presented an ambiguous report because the form mentioned at the police station was incorrect. The person who came for the verification indirectly sought money, refusing to entertain the reporter's wife. A few days later, she received a message referring to an unclear report by the police. Next I went to my local passport office and performed the following steps:

  • I have created a simple form provided outside the counter. There are 30 to 40 people every day to solve rectifications, no passports and other similar issues.
  • At 10:30 AM the form was returned again, notifying everyone of the room number. Should visit to solve the problem
  • They were instructed to visit the room number. 5. Our turn arrived about 30 minutes later.
  • They were asked to fill out a simple application stating that the wrong police station by mistake informed the name of the correct police station.
  • Then the application was approved by the authorities of the room number. 5 And he asked us to deposit R. 500 as a penalty (official) in another room
  • This made another police check after a person from the local intelligence agency (LIU) visited.
  • This time the correct person came and told me that the application would be cleared.

How to check passport police check status?

Check your passport verification status online

  1. Go to Application Status Tracking
  2. Please enter the appropriate application type
  3. File number (assigned by the RPO)
  4. date of birth
  5. Click the Lookup Status button and you're done 🙂

Check your passport verification status via SMS

Send SMS in the following format to +919704100100

status File number



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