10 interesting facts about female gladiators

As for the fierce and bloody gladiator world, we think we have almost everything to understand. The two fight against death, making full use of the sword and the last defense. Or a team of male gladiators are fighting wild animals to find out who will survive. Whatever the scenario raised by the responsible people to entertain the public, the male gladiator was the star of the show.

But do you know there are also female gladiators who fought? In the initial bid for gender equality, the ancient Romans allowed women to fight even on the battlefield.

Here are some interesting facts about this brave female warrior.

10. Topless Costume

In a refreshing level of attitude to sexual equality, the Romans decided that men and women should fight in the same way at the stadium. Since men usually fought without shirts, women gladiators had to fight without exposing half of them too! Of course, it was not only practical for the battle, but also gave the men watching to the audience additional appeal to the battle. The only thing they had at the stadium when they struggled was leg and arm protection, according to male gladiators, along with helmets, weapons and shields.

09. Extra Entertainment

In some ways, gladiator shows were very much like modern TV shows or movies. Their creators were always thinking of new ways to give the audience something more and stand out from the crowd. Gladiator's introduction was one of the consequences. At first they were introduced as an unusual side show for the main male behavior and saw a new thrill for the eager crowd. Most of their early functions were to provide light relief in almost manga-like form in intense male battles. Before many female fighters competed with other women, they began to fight dwarfs to make the crowd laugh or become small animals.

08. Private lesson

In ancient times, women did not always have the same freedom as men in some aspects of life. In Roman times, attending official gladiator camps prevented them from learning how to fight. Instead, it is believed that many female gladiators used their money instead to hire a private tutor to prepare for a new career. It is thought that many people lost their money when their father died, after which they would have used it this way.

07. Classified as a prostitute

One interesting note about female gladiators is how they looked in Roman society. Male gladiators are classified as heroes to survive and gain freedom. Not only did they qualify as citizens, they were able to marry or return to their families. This was not the same for female fighters! Roman gladiators regarded female gladiators as disgrace and actually classed them into the same class as sex workers. This was mainly considered to be almost naked fighting and digging for entertainment. When they finished the fight, they were deported from society and were considered to have a limit to the Romans' marriage.

06. Original Rebels

Being a female gladiator as above was actually rebellious and bold. The interesting thing is that this tends to happen after the fight. Women who chose to fight for their freedom climaxed for fame, wealth and celebrities. The wealth they get when they succeeded prevents them from relying on their husbands or fathers, who were themselves a real challenge to Roman society. All in all, the woman who became a gladiator was really destructive to many ordinary Romans.

05. Amazon and Aquila

One of the most famous records of female gladiators has been discovered in Turkey. This was a key part of the Roman Empire, and accordingly there was an amphitheater where the tournament could be held. Found in one place, the plaque showed two female fighters: Amazon and Aquila. They were set up to pay tribute to the fierce battle that brought both draws and prizes. Many believe that the draw is more tied up as an alternative, ending in Achilles' historical story of actually killing the beloved Amazon warrior queen in battle.

04. Female doll as souvenir

Ancient gladiator competitions were popular throughout the Roman Empire and were like playing modern football or NFL games (but with more killing!). Many ordinary citizens visited the Colosseum or the local amphitheater to actually see their favorite fighters. Without missing the trick, the venue soon set up a gift shop so that the crowd could purchase goods with their favorite gladiators. This included a female fighter who had toy dolls and statues at the gift shop.

03. Roman Gladiator's Tomb

In 2000, archaeologists found the tomb of a young woman near the old amphitheater in London. As they looked deeper into the tomb, they found it filled with valuable ornaments and possessions of gladiator themes. They also found the remains of expensive food that is believed to have been eaten at her honorable funeral. All in all, I'm sure the tomb is one of the famous and beloved famous female gladiators.

02.No Gladiatrices

It disappeared as soon as the women got the competition permission! In 200 AD, Emperor Septimius Severus banned all women from fighting as gladiators after visiting the Greek Olympics. But what happened in Greece? Many believe that the Greek Olympics at that time were influenced by the decision to ban women from participating in the Olympics. It is also believed that women were worried about the effect that they chose to fight as a profession and how this affected the view of marriage in Roman society.

01.Woman slave with bad deal

Many of the women we described above were free citizens who chose to fight their free will. But like men, there were also slaves who were captured and enslaved by the Roman army. Female slaves were treated badly like male slaves. Emperor Nero loved hunting wild animals on the field with only a small pocketknife. Emperor Domitian preferred that they fight against death day and night. All this was female slave and it was pretty bad to fight!

As you can see, the life of a female gladiator was as bloody, notorious and crazy as a male. Many fought for freedom or fame, but many died in the heat of battle. Not as well known as a male gladiator, these brave female warriors deserve respect and admiration.



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