damn! These are some of the most attractive transgenders on the planet

The winner of 2018 Miss International Transgender Queen 2018 is …

You may like or dislike transgender, but one thing is for sure. Must be respected. After all, everyone deserves to be respected by default, and some of these people are the most fascinating humans you will meet.

Vietnam, Australia and Thailand have the most beautiful transgender women.

But personality aside, some of them are … gorgeous. I visited Thailand myself, and how beautiful the women who turn their chins often fell on the floor. That's why the world beauty contest was held this year in Pattaya, Thailand.

Nguyen Houng Giang, a 27-year-old singer from Vietnam, won the crown and title of Miss International Queen in 2018.

According to 9GAG, this competition is called Miss International Queen 2018 and is the world's most popular and largest transgender beauty contest.

All finalists are as follows:

Nguyen Huong Giang, winner of 2018 Miss International Queen

2.Jacqueline, Miss Miss International Queen 2018

Rinrada Thuraphan, 2nd place at the 2018 Miss International Queen

4. Mariana Melo, Italy

5. Venezuela Michel Epalza Betancourt

6. Catalonia, USA

7. Sri Lanka Noel Toku Hisa

8. Mongolian Sol Longo

9. Mexico Anahicristo Val Altosar

10.Longsy Sinakhone, Laos

11.Honduras Amelia Vega

12. Isabella Coimbra, Brazil

damn! Those are wonderful people. Do you have a favorite? Is Miss Vietnam really the best? Tell us what you think

Source: 9gag



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