Recent Match Report – England vs South Africa 1st Test 2017

England 458 (Root 190, Moeen 87, Broad 57 *, Stokes 56, Morkel 4-115) and 233 (Cook 69, Bairstow 51, Maharaj 4-85) South Africa 261 times 361 (Bavuma 59, Elgar 54, Philander 52, de Kock 51, Moeen 4-59) and 119 (Moeen 6-53)
Scorecard and Breaking Details

& # 39; Do your best when you're aggressive & # 39; -root

The British captain praised Ali, who gathered, on the Lord's first test.

Do you remember for the first time? Joe Route won the victory to stop his captain debut when England wielded South Africa, when 19 wickets fell at the Lord's house in one day. Licensed for the attack briefings that Root provided to him, Moeen Ali passed South Africa's blow battering orders demanding a charge of 6 for 53 on the way to a 10-vessel vehicle in the test.

I set 331 to win the first test, and with almost 150 overovers, South Africa was unable to play in five days. The pitch helped Moeen and Liam Dawson's spin quite a bit, and Temba Bavuma's 41 ball 21 sank to 119 from 36.4 over, offering the longest resistance. Seen from the balcony that came back next week to lead the team at Trent Bridge, Faf du Plessis got a lot of thought.

South Africa was struggling early in the earnings, went to the car for three minutes at age 25, and Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock had the hope of planting fear in Root and England. Root may recall the moment he filled with Captain Yorkshire in 2014 and Middlesex recalled the moment aimed at 472 wickets, 472, but only four times in a single chase, he was tested by the Lord. This land.

It got the nickname "craptain" in the Yorkshire dressing room, but it seems that the UK has to come up with something more generous. In fact, the root did not have to rely much on tactical genius. His two spinners spent the evening in London, South Africa to finish South Africa with 24 overswings. South Africa has not lost the Lord's test since 1960, but they broke the record nicely.

To add 114 runs, it meant counterattack during the first half, claiming that England's last nine wickets had become distant memories. It may still be better, but Jonny Bairstow, who scored an important score for half a century, fell from seven as South Africa imitated too many mistakes on their chances in their first innings.

After James Anderson made his first breakthrough, Heino Kuhn removed through a fine diving catch that descended from Bairstow towards the bridge, and Moeen picked up the first turnstile while catching a reflective return catch at Dean Elgar. Captain, South African captain, would have feared the worst at the moment. Their fate deepened when JP Duminy pulled Mark Wood straight into mid-wick just before the kick.

Dawson's selection, paired with a bat, wasn't widespread, but it was soon passed to Root when Amra's main ticket gate was pulled out. Moeen's first four overheads were Virgo, grabbing South Africa at the end of the nursery, Dawson jumped into the middle and legs, spinning and hind legs, grabbing bats. Amla reviewed but in vain.

De Kock and Bavuma score more than 10 points by raising 28 points from 28 points to 4 points with 28 points. De Cock pulled the ball to the forelimb when he tried to relieve some pressure by pulling it and bent back to the stump there.

Babuma also tried to break England's suffocation by an aggressive attack, with accurate delivery hitting its peak. And Moeen slipped The Unis de Bruyn, and Keshav Maharaj grabbed the inside edge to record his maiden test 10. He became the first English player to score 50 points and 10 wickets since Ian Botham in 1980 since he scored 87 with a total of 458.

Heroes like Botham will help most test captains feel chipper, and following his first inning 190, Root was able to start his term perfectly. However, it was a bit rugged because England lost 9 wickets at 36.1 overover. Root's comfort was that the Batman procession that brought him back from the dressing room could prove the difficulty of the pitch.

Bairstow was the last man, and the spinner's four segments grabbed Maharaj, a pioneer of the future. At lunch, England's lead was 279, but Bairstow and Wood scraped off all of their valuable extra matches in 45's lively ninth match. Alastair Cook and Gary Ballance separately added 10 and 11 points overnight. On that day I was able to enter a double figure.

Maharaj may have removed Bairstow right away at the start of his innings. Vernon Philander, after hitting his hand on the third day, dropped a simple catch only on the ball that hit Vernon Philander. Maharaj insisted that three of the seven turnstiles would fall in the first session. Cook's dismissal of 69 points was caught in an attempt to score, and England dropped to 4 points from 39 balls to 10 points.

The first proof of the morning was that the Lord's bait was now a little crumpled. Before the last jump, at least two ships in Philander are kept low, hitting the Ballance on the glove. When Maharaz entered the attack just before the time mark, his second over ball exited the first ball. I ended up being bowled by the root not rotating.

Cook and Valance were born in almost the same atmosphere as they guided England to their terminal in the third evening. They partnered with 59 by adding vigilance before Babuma stole a sharp dive catch before Cook suddenly anchored and drove into the air.

Morne Morkel continued to impress the test as Ballance lags behind another precise delivery straight out of the turnstile, and the England slide continued five with Root's dismissal the following year. Watching Mahar Raj turn the ball sharply, the route swept the boundary, but backed off and got the inner edge to the stump.

Ben Stokes didn't have much time for reconnaissance, and fixed a lbw of 1 with a low-shot delivery from the La Sea. Stokes started walking as soon as he hit him, and Lavada disbanded the Stokes in the first innings and then stopped the next test due to his explosion. When Vice Trough lofted Maharaz towards Philander, when the defender dropped on the ropes, England was 149, fifth and sixth, 158th. He seemed to suggest that Spidercam distracted him, gesturing towards the sky, but few people could excuse South Africa's defeat scale.


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