Recent Match Report – Australia Women vs India Women, Women’s World Cup, 2nd Semi-Final

Indian women 4 (Kaur 171 *, Raj 36) Bit 281 Australian women Episode 36 (Blackwell 90, Villany 75, Deep Tea 3-59)
Scorecard and Breaking Details

Due to intense downpours, the semifinals were reduced to 42 over contests, but with Harmanpreet Kaur's relentless attack, there was plenty of time to play 171 in 115 balls. The third highest score in the World Cup and the fifth highest score in office outerwear. She has defeated 20 4 7 7 to defend KO champion champion Australia and has won the first Indian final since 2005.

Cower bounced from 35 to 9.2 over, buzzing from 2 to 35, and then flew a new ball wisely in cloudy weather to release his anger. She scored 50 points in 64 phrases, the second with 26, and the third with almost incredible 17. Acceleration was inevitable.

It was not only Australia who felt the anger of the Kaur. At the end of the 35th, after the leg spinner Kristen Beams worked as a deep mid-wickett, the Kaur immediately demanded two, but Deepti Sharma stopped in the middle. The two Batman eventually dived desperately, won the relay throw, and finished the double to give Kaur a third ODI bag. But the furious Kaur did not celebrate. Instead, even though the third referee was called to confirm a runout opportunity, she threw a helmet on the lawn and fired a shoe volley to her partner.

After the green light, Kaur's first business order was to compensate for the poor Deepti. The second was firing the boundary from the arc between Deep Square Legs and Long-On. India sailed from 4 to 281, but the total appeared smaller when Elysee Villani made good use of the folds to find the Kaursk regular border in pursuit. Villani couldn't do it long enough and was fired from the base of 75 top players. Australia lost 6 points to 43 points. Although threatening 90 jail-breakouts in Alex Blackwell's late Blitz-56, Deepti fell over her leg stump. Sleep India for a date between England and England

The day ended with Australia, six finalists out of the last eight World Cups, but realized that they would not play in the championship, but it started in a completely different way. After a three-hour and 45-minute delay, Megan Schutt won Smriti Mandhana for the sixth sub-15 win in the tournament. Soon after, the Punam Laut, who played against Australia for a century in a team fight with Australia, attempted a low percentage of hawks to off-spinner Ashley Gardner and drilled a deep mid-hole. Mithali Raj and Kaur played a percentage cricket and added 66 to the third turnstile.

Elysee Villani hit the ground Getty images

Raz dropped from 34-year-old midwick, but misplaced the next ball on the flat slider, Beams, and bowled with 36 But she did not throw away money. The closest was when the suit stepped towards the leg and Kaur overbalanced, but the ticket gate, Alyssa Healy, did not collect the ball clean and missed a difficult stepping opportunity. At that time, Kaur was 35 years old.

She moved half a century when she moved the beam to the middle boundary of Wickwick, and lost 45 of his 20 balls, especially in the deep-sea spin of Jess Jonassen. Kaur, however, has reached the pinnacle of his ability to hit the ball. Gardner crossed four consecutive boundaries, including three leg sides, for 37 days. The massacre continued for 24 periods, with 57 Indians and 47 Kaul.

The top four most famous in Australia did not have such pleasure. Shikha Pandey was delivered until it reached too late, with the bridge popping round through the gates of Beth Mooney. In the television commentary, Ian Bishop called it the ball of the tournament. But three months later, Jhulan Goswami made a similarly unplayable delivery, which even turned around at the last minute, preventing Meg Lanning from staring at her in a mess. Batman, who won first place in the female cricket, turned towards the duck, and her side later came in eighth.

Villany swept 41 times in the 41st and a half centuries, Blackwell made only 36 deliveries, and Ellis Perry ran 50 times 12 times in a row six times as Australia was close but close enough.

India dreams of securing a maiden World Cup title, while Australia will shake it off like a bad dream.


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