Men were ranked 14th in Teresa's May Cabinet. Evidence that she is replicating Thatcher | Life and style

teaMP's Mnicky Morgan pointed out that Hera's May emergency cabinet reorganization encouraged more men named Jeremy than the average woman. Morgan's words became clear, but they were made so often and more fun (in 2014, Cameron ate more dinner with people named David than women). But how depressing are Morgan's coda-100 years of suffrage? – Hit home. The memorial forces the question of the issue of history and whether it tends to justice. If May had effectively replicated Thatcher's unpleasant dynamics that had never driven a woman other than Janet Young, who could save a man, to be honest, what was Blair's ladies and Gordon Brown's window dressing? ) Seems to be "modern" during desperate scrambling?

Why is the cabinet in May 2018 indistinguishable from John Major & # 39; s? Divided into two colors, Virginia Botley and Gillian Shepard, they look like two polyester fig leaves and seem indistinguishable from John Mathes. His original cabinet is completely male and no one noticed until he saw the photo. Would anything change if Kelloon's political culture was too easily reverted to patriarchal norms?

It can not be said whether this observation is positive or negative, but it is important to remember that the cabinet split was absolutely nothing but male-dominated. Tony Blair is remembered as his "baby" and out of 96 (he had 101 female labor MPs in his first record in 1997), looking back, he was a bit creepy and poke the whole picture. Companies with a svengali / mastermind atmosphere inevitably amplify their equal credentials rather than their achievements. The new prevalence of women in Parliament was not reflected in his cabinet appointment, which was just twice the House of Representatives in exactly one election, four of whom were Harriet Harman, Clare Short, Margaret Beckett and Mo Mowlam.

In 1997, Tony Blair had 96 of the 101 women's labor parties elected to parliament.

In 1997, Tony Blair had 96 of the 101 women's labor parties elected to parliament. Photo: Nils Jorgensen / Rex

There was a clear recognition that a certain profession was too serious for ladies. Jacqui Smith did not become the first female secretary until 2006, almost ten years later. A year later Brown seemed okay with a total of eight, but two years later Caroline Flint really stuck: he ran a “two-story government” where women were decorative and male. Haman objected at the time, but she was always loyal.

Cameron's Second Union Cabinet – More people than Sajid… Called Teresa-there were five women inside and the first (four) was not special either. In a word, May is beating gender balance in poor flat spin scramble for pastors. But there was nothing to write at home.



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