De Villiers expected to retire from Test cricket

AB de Villiers is expected to retire from the test cricket in early August as a second attempt to break whites if the CSA cannot continue to convince him.

ESPNcricinfo informed the CSA about de Villiers' decision to abandon its longest format in late last year, but found out that it was offered to get inventory in the game for a year instead. However, De Billius is understood to be worried about retirement when he meets a CSA executive after appointing a new coach in August to continue South Africa's White Ball Cricket match until the 2019 World Cup. CSA declined to comment.

De Villiers says that if the CSA meets a few weeks before leaving England before taking a two month break at home, the new coach will be the key to his future, saying, "We will make the final decision on what will happen in the next few years." is. At the end of the current UK tour, the current Russell Domingo contract was concluded, and several sources confirmed that they did not reapply to the post despite the support of players including De Villiers.

But insiders found that there was more to De Villiers' mind than the question of who would be in charge of the side. People close to De Villiers said that Batman wanted to retire from the test cricket when he suffered an elbow injury in the New Zealand, Australia and Sri Lanka tests last season.

In the column for Independent Graeme Smith confirmed this information when he wrote: "My belief is that AB tried to move away from the test game last year, but was encouraged by the CSA. He can not only add maximum life to possible international trips, but also consider the harsh realities of travel, such as the amount of travel and the tolls that are tortured. can.

"AB has already made a huge sacrifice for the South African cricket for a long time, and in two years the next ICC World Cup will already be targeting that tournament as a swan for his great career. AB de Villiers proves to anyone The thing to do is a star, and they are often expected to be available to them personally, no matter what the outcome is. ”

Smith's advice for Billy Earth is to "step back from the captain" and focus on maintaining the energy levels of the World Cup. If anyone wants to know about those things, it's Smith. He was responsible for all forms for nine years after the end of the 2011 World Cup, but continued to play before the unexpected retirement in 2014.

Until yesterday, De Villiers was unlikely to take action, claiming that he enjoyed leadership, but seemed to change his song following Cardinal's defeat in South Africa in the third T20 in Cardiff.

De Villiers wanted to be part of the World Cup team "one way" and hinted at a change in the atmosphere of South African cricket. Billy Earth said, “There are some changes in South Africa's cricket. There are a few things we have to wait for. I don't even think it's in my hands what's going to happen. ”

These changes include the introduction of the T20 League, in which De Villiers participated in Tilliers, the marquee player of the Pretoria franchise. He also works in the IPL and previously had a negative impact on the CPL. He acknowledged Big Bash's approach in the past, but declined because of a conflict with the South African season. As your family grows, you can see how much Villiers still want to travel abroad, the T20 League, or South Africa.

May 23, 2018-AB de Villiers, retired from International Cricket


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