The same sex ad just lost supply – Dutch startup, 10K + Instagram followers, and here's the photo that caused it

Most companies try to avoid controversy. But with the latest advertising campaign, Suitsupply took part in that campaign.

The Dutch menswear company revealed an anti-homosexual feeling that still remains in some parts of society by releasing an advertising campaign where same-sex couples (shock!) Do things like kiss and embrace.

Suitsupply, a popular and affordable international apparel company based in Amsterdam, has been criticized for its latest campaign.

The Dutch are famous and generous, and SuitSupply, the company in question, has argued before. But the founder and CEO of Fokke De Jong makes his position clear. "Attractions among people are an important part of fashion advertising," he said. "The campaign dealing with attraction among men has long been especially relevant to our brand."

According to the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, the company suggests that more than 10,000 Instagram followers have left since the campaign began, suggesting that it was not well received by many. De Jong knew the possibility of controversy. "We think there may be a negative impact, which is known as a contrasting view, especially in a country with many beings." A picture of a man kissing for this is not seen in countries with poor records. De Jong on homosexual rights, such as Russia and the UAE, thinks that the company's outlets will close immediately in this case.

Of course, SuitSupply believes in the principles, the strengths of the brand and the willingness of the masses (at least in Western countries) to embrace this kind of advertising. People are clearly talking. As expected, there were male accusations of disappointment and blame by men who couldn't see two men kissing while wearing a suit, the most masculine clothing item; In addition, support and positivity came out of the message it contains.

Whatever you think about the suitability of the campaign, you must admit that it is a bold, eye-catching and effective campaign. Please scroll down to see below and send us your feedback. We don't honestly know what all the fuss is about.

SuitSuppy's advertising campaign is becoming famous for being controversial

In the past, they have been charged with sexism and misogyny.

Campaigns generally appeal to the classic image of men.

But this turned in the other direction

The image of these two men kissing, featuring same-sex couples in various forms of hugs, was particularly controversial.

"Attractions among people are an important part of fashion advertising"

"The campaign that deals with attraction among men is old and especially relevant to our brand."

Many countries do not show up in countries such as Russia and the UAE.

The CEO of the company believes that the company in that country will close immediately.

There are also videos you can check out below

Suitsupply Spring Summer 2018 Campaign



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