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More than 22 Most Strange Catwalk Trends – Part 1

The fashion industry is the most visible and overlooked in the cultural sector. Shopping malls, streets, magazine shelves, TV shows and runways are full of people who make fashion statements. Fashion has always been a bit strange and unusual. Artists and fashion producers have always tried to find the strangest and original expressions and new ways to shock the public. The most curious, crazy and fun fashion is always on the runway. Here are more than 22 strange catwalks part1 and the strangest catwalks part-2.

Photos of the most fun fashion trends

The # 1 designer should be inspired by hedgehog animals.

# 2 Artists have to think of the rainy season, so the outfit is similar to a raincoat.

# 3 is the finger of the hand? Artist inspiration can be anything.

# 4 The reason bones are hidden inside the body is also likely to be show off.

# 5 This is the ultimate.

# 6 new fashion trends coming Of course! Denim trend.

# 7 I saw this and it started to water my mouth. How is yours?

# 8 wire and spiral combination on the runway.

# 9 inspiration from the sack.

# 10 And the stone lady.

# 11 I think the designer should keep the fruit in mind when designing.

# 12 It might be a nice look.

# 13 sea animals

# 14 Ultimate Tower

# 15 The designer decided to design a shirt and later changed her mind.

# 16 Heavy Dress, isn't it?

# 17 Fashion has no limits

# 18 what is this?

# 19 piano?

# 20 red spider shape.

# 21 This dress is scary.

# 22 Is he inspired by kitchen cleaners?

# 23

Click here for more fun and crazy outfits – Strange Fashion Part-2

You may have wondered why fashion designers make strange clothes that are not sold in stores.

This fun and crazy clothes trend is dedicated to runways. When literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of "free" advertising or potentially millions of meeting views for one of the garment items is received, the exposure the designer receives to show strange work is worth walking the runway. This outfit is difficult to wear from the outside and less comfortable to wear.

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