Winning was a good preparation for Test cricket – Rashid

Rashid Khan roamed the wicket back and forth over his bowling alley for 24.4 over. There were also a few skulls and maybe mashed bells, as it takes a bit longer for someone to hit 14 balls once in the T20Is and once in the worst 5.3 overs in a first-class match.

Rashid's violent and violent lbw appeal was rejected, and he began to wonder if the UAE's lineup could magically defeat Afghanistan's superhuman spinners with a secret supply of kryptonite.

And suddenly, Rashid was zeroed on the vulnerability of his antagonist. Catch a juggling inner edge from Saqlain Haider's pad and protruding into Javed Ahmadi's circus hand. It was possible that he had found a way to pop out half the day before, but Ahmadi's nervy grab was just the fortune Rashid was looking for. A few times later, he took three turnstiles to four balls, and Afghanistan's star ledges again rotated on the top axis.

Rashid told ESPNcricinfo after putting five turnstiles in two rounds in Afghanistan's 10-week InterContinental Cup win. "I had no luck yesterday. I bowled a good ball without a ticket gate, but I didn't get a ticket gate. I could tell more than 20 Overnight without a ticket gate.

"I just did my best on a good length bowl. It doesn't matter whether I got a ticket gate, but the main goal was to put a bowl on a good length bowl. Today, I tried the same area. I was lucky. "

In a flat pitch that did not change for three and a half days, Afghanistan sweated on the field. Most teams try to make 100 overtimes in a match against Afghanistan in two innings, except one inning in an I-Cup match. In Sharjah in 2011, there were 13 games left since the UAE played against Afghanistan.

Winning this tournament has never been easier. The four consecutive wins ended in less than two in three days. Therefore, it was unfamiliar to let the opponent show some backbone to the crease. But Afghanistan's focus was hardly shaken. Even if Rashid didn't take the turnstile, he didn't bowl the anti-tracker. His team's trained efforts eventually paid off.

Rashid Khan calls for selfies from enthusiastic supporters in Afghanistan Peter della Penna

Rashid said, “Finishing the eye cups means a lot to us.” "This is a good way to prepare test cricket for us. We will play against a good team. It was very difficult for us for two days. In the upcoming big team game we had a day like this and learned a lot. . that.

"We are the second winner of the I-Cup. The players in this cup did a great job. We didn't win. We worked hard. It was a difficult challenge to get the UAE twice out of a ticket gate like this. I did my best but in the second inning they played really well and played a good cricket.

"When have the last turnstile [Ahmadi and Ihsanullah] Chasing 19 runs was a proud moment for Afghanistan. It's the last time we play in I-Cup, so finishing the winning notes feels really good for us. "

The other side of Afghanistan's victory, which Rashid found satisfied, was their consistency despite the lack of a match in the tournament. When Afghanistan first joined the InterContinental Cup in 2009, they played seven games in 18 months.

The next edition was extended for another 12 months with the same number of matches. On the other hand, Associates consume much more stable supplies of limited supplies to keep themselves busy. In the case of Rashid, the ability to make calls despite the four-day long match is evidence of the team's readiness.

"It's very hard to play a tournament like this and you have to play, then play T20, ODI, then come back to this tournament," Rashid said. "So it's very hard to be consistent and we've done really well. From the start they've been successful in every game.

"Their concentration levels were very good. So if you get something in the test country, you have to prepare these things. I think people switch off and actually switch on ODI and T20 and use this format." How to take advantage of it. I really feel good. I had a lot of good memories and really enjoyed it. "

Rashid ended the tournament with 23 turnstiles and tied for the fifth time. Overall only 3 games. By December, his focus was on a totally limited format and only made his I-Cup debut in March with Ireland. He has already taken 12 wickets in his first class debut against the British Lions, demonstrating how he left Ed Joyce and the rest of the Irish lineup fluxo capable of becoming a test match prospect. Rashid has had amazing results since his international debut at ODI in Zimbabwe in October 2015.

Rashid said, “It has been so special for two years since we started with Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe. "It's going on from there. I'm doing my best to get the basics right and see the results. The motivation from my teammates, senior players and captain really helps me."

"Then playing in a big league and sharing a dressing room with them will help you to play as a really good coach. So you get a lot of experience from these things and then run across the country. Worked hard. Insala We will do our best to continue the future. "


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