Largest diamond ever auctioned to go under hammer in Geneva

Geneva: The biggest diamonds offered at the auction are expected to go hammered in Geneva on Tuesday evening, with a bid of $ 25 million.
The perfect sensation of 163.41 carats of "sensory" hung on emerald and diamond necklaces, called the art of Grisgono, will be one of the highlights of Christie's fall jewelry auction.
Christie´s first announced that jewelry would be part of the annual Magnificent Jewels sale.
The auction house predicted that "a masterpiece of unparalleled beauty and exquisite workmanship" would bring about $ 25 million (€ 21.2 million), and other experts said it could rake twice that amount.
A perfect D colored 11A type diamond was cut from a 404 carat rough rock found in the Rulo mine in Angola in February 2016.
Rough parts were analyzed in Antwerp and cut in New York, and a team of 10 diamond cutting experts participated in polishing, mapping, plotting, splitting, laser cutting and polishing huge rough rocks.
The team of Swiss luxury jewelery Dgrisogono created 50 different designs around 163.41 carat diamonds and chose an asymmetric necklace centered on the stone.
Christie´s said, “It took 1,700 hours to make this unique jewel and 14 craftsmen took part.
The left side of the necklace consists of 18 emerald cut diamonds and the right side consists of 2 rows of pear-shaped emeralds.
"Greek Gono's art is one of the wonderful Christmas gifts, and Wallflower doesn't need to be applied," Tobias Kormind, head of the 77 diamond company that tracks the global diamond market, said in a statement.
He noted that rival Sotheby & # 39; s sold for $ 36 million when it sold a perfect D diamond of 118.28 carats in 2013.
The stone, which will be sold on Tuesday, "is a much bigger diamond, and the title of the biggest perfect stone can attract more than $ 50 million in bids."
Another highlight of the Tuesday's auction is the "Le Grand Mazarin", a light pink diamond of 19.07 carats, which was once built on the crowns of numerous French kings and emperors, including Napoleon.
The gem was named after the Italian cardinal and diplomat Cardinal Mazarin and the Prime Minister of Louis XIII and Louis XIV and named after the great art collector who, at his will, handed this diamond and other diamonds to the Zen king. .
Christie & # 39; s described this stone as a "symbol of everlasting beauty" and said he was craving $ 6.6 million-million dollars (5.1-7.7 million euros) for this diamond. .



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