Chinese Kimchi takes over Korean dinner tables

Kimchi is a Korean dish that includes cabbage fermentation and pickling. Despite the roots in Korea, this dish is imported from Chinese Korean restaurants.
Piao Lina, restaurant owner, said, “Almost all women of the Chao Xian people know how to make kimchi. “Family tradition. At this time, the whole family gathers to make kimchi. ”
However, as the mass production of kimchi increased, these traditions were settled over the years.
Kimchi is a necessity that has undergone a very extensive preparation.
The cabin is cut in half and coated with salt for 16 hours before rinsing. A secret sauce with some Chinese spices is prepared, rub on the cabbage with bare hands. Then the cabbage is fermented for 10 days.
The popularity of Chinese kimchi in Korean restaurants is due to strict Chinese regulations for bacterial testing and the use of additives. .



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