Namibia, Hong Kong to kick off Intercontinental Cup

The first round of the ICC InterContinental Cup for eight Associate Members was announced on Tuesday. The winner of this first-class competition will have the opportunity to play test cricket at the ICC Test Challenge against the lowest ranked test team in 2018.

The tournament will start on May 10 and will run over two years. Ireland is a defensive champion and has won four of six competitions from the start.

"ICC InterContinental Cup is now a platform for emerging countries to meet their ambitions for test cricket," said David Richardson, chairman of the ICC. "So it would be fantastic to see what the most powerful associates face in an exciting competition that can show the world's cricket talent pool."

Namibia and Hong Kong begin the tournament on May 10, with three games in the first round scheduled for June, including Ireland, Afghanistan, UAE, Scotland, the Netherlands and Papua New Guinea.

The ICC World Cricket League first round lineup was also unveiled for the Associate's one-day tournament with the InterContinental Cup. Kenya and Nepal were included in eight participating teams on behalf of Afghanistan and Ireland, who gained status during the day and are currently participating in future travel programs.


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