Leonardo Da Vinci’s last original painting up for sale for $100 million

Rediscovered and perhaps the last painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is expected to bring big money to the auction.
Salvador Mundi Depicts a half-length oil painting of Jesus Christ dates back to the 16th century. Photos are displayed at Christie's auction in London.
Photos will be auctioned in New York next month. Da Vinci is the only privately owned painting. The picture dates back to 1500 BC.
Christie's senior expert said, “There are 15 to 16 surviving examples of these works in paintings, so it is rare to be able to rediscover and sell such paintings.
Salvador Mundi was designed at the same time as the painting of the Mona Lisa, as if using the same oil paint as used in the painting of the Mona Lisa.
The painting disappeared in the 18th century, when the face was painted with a beard and mustache.
The value of this photo is estimated at about $ 88 million. .

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/240107-Leonardo-Da-Vincis-last-original-painting-up-for-sale-for-100-million


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