Fifth Karachi Conference reviving the history of the ‘City of Lights’

The three-day International Karachi Conference, held October 27-29 at the Pakistani Arts Council, is in full swing.
Speaking of the event, the first day of the event was dedicated to Karachi-based films, and students conducted question-answering sessions and panel discussions by Shabbir Siraj, Taimur Suri, and Rumana Hussain.
A total of 16 films were screened, 11 of which are mainly from Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology Karachi (SZABIST).
The event started late, but in the first documentary, Bus Chal Karachi, it was the journey to all attendees through Karachi through a different lens than a montage based on colorful sights and the sound of buses traveling by bus. Based on the plight of the community that moves gold powder around the gold shops on Karachi streets along Karachi streets to drains, the Cannes nomination documentary & # 39; what waste? & # 39;

Attendees also enriched Pakistan's history and unexplored stories through the eyes through short documentaries such as poems and the teachings of Sufi Saint Shah Abdul Latif of Tahira Roohi and the street documentaries of Lahore Old Town by Komal Ghazali. .
The platform proved itself of its kind by vocalizing on the stage and inviting students and film directors to explain the documentary to the audience. It not only showed educational documentaries, but also provided channels to student feature films.
In order to showcase the current research and criticism discourse on Karachi, hundreds of people poured out to successfully host the event, and the conference will continue for three days. In addition to the questions that define the inner life of today's city, we also look at global questions about social ecology, environmental degradation and urban change.

The Karachi Conference integrates research on the city, carried out by local and international academic institutions, scholars, development workers and social activists, into a single platform to emphasize the importance of Karachi and all aspects of its existence.



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