Colours in Thailand back after a year of mourning for late King

For the first time in a year, colorful clothes have returned to the streets of Bangkok. Monday was officially over after the former Thai king, Bhumibol Aduljadej, rested after a week's funeral. However, many residents no longer come out black in color from head to toe, but many say they are still feeling lost.
During his seven-year reign, King Bumibol was considered the father figure of the country. His portrait was hung across Thailand last year, and on Monday some images were deleted. The Prime Minister officially ended the mourning period, but made it clear that the king's legacy remained.
In order to say goodbye to the king who died last October, hundreds of thousands of people in Bangkok filled the historic district of Bangkok last week. His funeral was held for five days in a sumptuous ceremony over $ 50 million. Astrology is popular in Thailand, and colors are often assigned to different days of the week.
The important thing is that Bumibol and his son, Mahabazura Longon, were born on Monday. But when the new week began, it was not enough for some Thais to convince their appearances brightly. Some say it is a year, but the morning of the beloved king continues. .



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